Social Media Destroys Salman Butt for His Tweet Following Loss Against India

Former Pakistan captain and convicted spot-fixer Salman Butt got served by the social media after he tweeted against the team management following the defeat to India.

The left-handed opener said that Pakistan cricket team is incapable of learning and growing, instead, they are keen on Yo-Yo tests and maintaining fitness for no apparent reason.

Already hurt, Pakistan supporters did not appreciate the words of Salman Butt and unleashed fury upon him. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter.

When you try to take moral high ground:

Hitting where it hurts:

The meme of the moment:

Blocked for speaking the truth?

Reminder for Salman Butt:

Someone had to say it:

Annoyed by the responses, Salman Butt bitterly responded with:

    • Aamir was an underage child bullied by this chora. Still Aamir accepted his mistake and came clean.

      Aamir is also need of Pak. This butt is ugly butt

  • Hah barry aye
    Ghaddar kahin ka, Pakistan ka naam kharab krny ke siwa kuch nahi dia is neech insan ne

  • if you are giving chance to aamir then why not Salman?
    ha can perform better than PARCHI

    • have you ever watched cricket? Imam ul haq is far better. Salman butt plays with a strike rate of 60 and also very inconsistent and also very aged. Imam ul haq plays consistently with a strike rate of lower 80s…Consistency is the thing which pakistan is missing from decades from top order.

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