Amazon Unveils Kindle Oasis With Adjustable Light Temperature

Recently, Amazon launched a new version of its best-selling e-reader Kindle Oasis. If you are looking for a new and revived Kindle Oasis, you might be at loss here. All the features are the same, the screen size also remains the same so do the aesthetics. The only difference is its new night read feature which makes reading at night easier for some people.

What’s Different?

The upgraded version of Kindle Oasis has controls that allow the users to change the tone of backlight from cool to warm at night. It is not a blue light filter, it is just a feature that will make it easier to read at night especially for people who don’t like the jarring cool tones light in the dark.

With activated, this feature adds a tinge of orange to the backlight. Even with the cool-toned backlight, you will not strain your eyes. This feature only helps people with a certain preference to become more comfortable with reading. It can also be activated such that the tone is changed automatically at night.

Apart from this, the upgraded Kindle Oasis also has a better refresh rate. The 8 GB Kindle Oasis starts with a $249 price tag.