Pakistan Army Among World’s 15 Most Powerful Militaries

Global Firepower has released its rankings for the world’s most powerful militaries in 2019. Pakistan has jumped up two places and now ranks among the world’s top 15 military powers. Previously, it was ranked 17th in the list and now it is the 15th most powerful military in the world.

Notably, the country has crossed both Indonesia and Israel this year to claim the 15th position in the ranking.

Global Firepower ranks countries on the bases of 55 different factors, which allows the smaller yet more technologically advanced nations to compete with the larger but less-developed ones. In general, the flowing variables are incorporated to rank the militaries of 137 countries.

  • Weapon diversity along with the total number of weapons
  • Geographical flexibility
  • Logistical flexibility.
  • Natural resources and local industry influence.
  • Nuclear powers receive a slight edge in the rankings.
  • Higher population of the country means higher rank.
  • Land-locked (having no sea) countries are not ranked for their Navy. Countries having a naval force but no diversity of weapons receive a low score in the rankings.
  • Countries having alliances for example NATO receive an edge in the rankings as well due to the sharing of resources.
  • Ranking is independent of the country’s political or military leadership.

Here is the list of world’s 15 most powerful militaries:

  1. United States

The US stands at the top of the list, as its defense budget is more than any other country. In fact, the country’s defense spending is way above many countries’ total GDP. Here is how it stands regarding capabilities other than financial health.

Power Index rating: 0.0615

Total population: 329,256,465

Total military personnel: 2,141,900

Total aircraft: 13,398

Fighter aircraft: 2,362

Combat tanks: 6,287

Total naval assets: 415

  1. Russia

Russia has the second most powerful military in the world with the defense allocation of $44 billion. Here is how it ranks:

Power Index rating: 0.0639

Total population: 142,122,776

Total military personnel: 3,586,128

Total aircraft: 4,078

Fighter aircraft: 869

Combat tanks: 21,932

Total naval assets: 352

  1. China

China stands at the third position with the defense budget of whopping $224 billion. Other indicators are:

Power Index rating: 0.0673

Total population: 1,384,688,986

Total military personnel: 2,693,000

Total aircraft: 3,187

Fighter aircraft: 1,222

Combat tanks: 13,050

Total naval assets: 714

  1. India

The defense budget of India is $55.2 billion. Here is how its ranking goes,

Power Index rating: 0.1065

Total population: 1,296,834,042

Total military personnel: 3,462,500

Total aircraft: 2,082

Fighter aircraft: 520

Combat tanks: 4,184

Total naval assets: 295

  1. France

The defense budget of France is $40.5 billion. Its ranking goes like this:

Power Index rating: 0.1584

Total population: 67,364,357

Total military personnel: 388,635

Total aircraft: 1,248

Fighter aircraft: 273

Combat tanks: 406

Total naval assets: 118

  1. Japan

Japan spends $47 billion on its defense. Here is how it ranks:

Power Index rating: 0.1707

Total population: 126,168,156

Total military personnel: 303,157

Total aircraft: 1,572

Fighter aircraft: 297

Combat tanks: 1,004

Total naval assets: 131

  1. South Korea

South Korea has a defense budget of $38.3 billion. It ranks as:

Power Index rating: 0.1761

Total population: 51,418,097

Total military personnel: 5,827,250

Total aircraft: 1,614

Fighter aircraft: 406

Combat tanks: 2,654

Total naval assets: 166

  1. United Kingdom

The defense budget of the Kingdom is $47.5 billion. Its ranks as:

Power Index rating: 0.1797

Total population: 65,105,246

Total military personnel: 233,000

Total aircraft: 811

Fighter aircraft: 129

Combat tanks: 331

Total naval assets: 76

  1. Turkey

Turkey has a defense budget of $8.6 billion. Its ranking goes like this:

Power Index rating: 0.2089

Total population: 81,257,239

Total military personnel: 735,000

Total aircraft: 1,067

Fighter aircraft: 207

Combat tanks: 3,200

Total naval assets: 194

  1. Germany

The defense budget of Germany is $49.1 billion. Its ranking is:

Power Index rating: 0.2097

Total population: 80,457,737

Total military personnel: 208,641

Total aircraft: 613

Fighter aircraft: 122

Combat tanks: 900

Total naval assets: 81

  1. Italy

The defense budget of Italy is $29.2 billion. Its ranking goes as:

Power Index rating: 0.2277

Total population: 62,246,674

Total military personnel: 357,000

Total aircraft: 831

Fighter aircraft: 94

Combat tanks: 200

Total naval assets: 143

  1. Egypt

Egypt’s defense budget is $4.4 billion. It ranks as:

Power Index rating: 0.2283

Total population: 99,413,317

Total military personnel: 920,000

Total aircraft: 1,092

Fighter aircraft: 211

Combat tanks: 2,160

Total naval assets: 319

  1. Brazil

The defense budget of Brazil is $29.3 billion. Here is how it ranks:

Power Index rating: 0.2487

Total population: 208,846,892

Total military personnel: 1,674,500

Total aircraft: 706

Fighter aircraft: 43

Combat tanks: 437

Total naval assets: 110

  1. Iran

The defense budget of Iran is $6.3 billion. It ranks as:

Power Index rating: 0.2606

Total population: 83,024,745

Total military personnel: 873,000

Total aircraft: 509

Fighter aircraft: 142

Combat tanks: 1,634

Total naval assets: 398

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan’s defense budget is $7 billion. Here is how it ranks:

Power Index rating: 0.2798

Total population: 207,862,518

Total military personnel: 1,204,000

Total aircraft: 1,342

Fighter aircraft: 348

Combat tanks: 2,200

Total naval assets: 197

Via: GFP

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