PIA All Set to Take Control of Islamabad International Airport

Aviation Division has decided to hand over the control of Islamabad International Airport to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). All preparations in this regard are in place, and a final draft proposal is also ready to be tabled before the federal cabinet.

On the other hand, PIA is also gearing up to take control of Pakistan’s most modern and equipped airport. The airline is finalizing names for an Airport Management Wing which will look after non-aeronautical services, security vigilance and the services provided to the passengers.


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An official of the Aviation Division informed reporters that after federal cabinet’s approval within three months, the airport will be handed over to the national airline this year. However, the air traffic control system shall remain with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The CAA has shifted its Planning & Development Department from Islamabad to Karachi and PIA has taken control of the vacated building. Reports suggest that the aviation authority is also going to release its daily wages employees working on Islamabad Airport.


PIA is Not Shifting its Head Office from Karachi: Spokesperson

Last week, PIA also moved over a dozen employees from the security vigilance and other departments to Islamabad in order to efficiently run the airport’s management.

It is worth mentioning here that the Civil Aviation Authority had been trying to outsource the management of Islamabad Airport and had floated several advertisements in the past. But the idea was rolled back due to security concerns.

  • They need to make sure wheelchairs are readily available for people with disabilities. I travelled to Islamabad from London in February. There were about 7 peope that required wheelchair on flight. None were available. Staff said they were reserved for other airlines but not pia.

    • my mother travelled on pia from Islamabad to Karachi on 23rd June 2019.a staff member with wheelchair was available as per request and waited patiently from the time we checked in until she boarded the aircraft

  • After being labeled as one of the worst airlines in the world now PIA is being entrusted with a responsibility which given its track record of management disasters, gross irresponsibility, mostly self serving Human Resource(except pilots and Engineers) it is not even remotely capable of efficiently managing country’s most modern airport. One wonders at the mental capacity of the decision makers. Are they really serious? Passengers beware.

  • Lol the worlds most incompetent airline is going to take over airport management.

    As if it couldn’t get any worse.

  • Let us not be too harsh. As a youngster way back in the 60’s, I travelled by PIA many times and their service was up to the mark. Let us not forget the late Air Marshal Nur Khan and Omar Kureshi who took PIA to great heights – they truly were “Great people to fly with”. They might succeed in finding sincere people – the country is not short of efficient and honest people

  • The typical corruption going on even in case of parking lots.
    The parking contractor has kept one idiot on entrances of both drop lane as well as pickup lanes forcing people to park when they don’t need to.
    I had to fight with him three times this month when I had people waiting on pick lane to be picked up.

  • Very stupid decision by GoP, an organization that cannot run its core business and running in billions of losses is tasked to run and manage new airport…… What is wisdom behind this…..? Despite tall claims, its too early to say that mismanagement of last 20+years is wiped out in few months is simply illusion. Anyway, time will tell if IK government decision was right or like everything else is another failure…

  • Allah khair Kare ab hamare naye modern airport ka kia bane ga!. Kahe ab is ka bhi PIA jaisa hall na ho. Is se behtar tha keh Government airport management ko aut source karte. PIA management se tu behtar hoga. It’s my humble request to the Government to check the credentials of all PIA employees and depute thise persons on a particular assignment who have good experience and relevant education and sack all others who are white elephant and not capable for PIA without any fear and for the safety of passengers

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