PTA Website Demands 1,000% Duty on Imported Phones

Looks like Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) website is out of order because there is no other logical argument to support a tax of Rs. 50,000 (approx.) on a phone that does not cost more than Rs. 1000.

Social media platforms are filled with screenshots of printed challans from PTA’s Mobile registration website showing a tax challan of Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 52,000 for phones worth Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 4,000.

In one of such incidents, a user shared his printed challan’s pictures which ask him to pay Rs. 219,248 as customs duty. Just to make it clear for our readers, the latest iPhone XS Max costs less than that.

The telecommunications authority has been ignoring the cries on social media. Despite several attempts, No PTA official was ready to comment on the matter.

Some of the outrageous complainants are planning to sell their cell phones to their friends or relatives instead of paying the duty.

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  • Well, someone need to raise the issue of illegal mobile registration carried on from innocence Pakistani travelers passport. I recently visited Dubai for a short visit and when I came back and wanted to make my ID on PTA DIRBS portal, the system issued a message that my Passport and CNIC have already been used. This doesnt happen to me only, but with a lot family n friends around. This is simply a crime and the one who did it should be punished. PTA should also launch a complain portal to record our grievances and subsequently, blocking the devices used with our IDs.

  • “Some of the outrageous complainants are planning to sell their cell phones to their friends or relatives instead of paying the duty.”

    So they are going to scam their relatives and friends? Pakistanis always put money first! Money is the true god here!

    • Brother, im sure the article meant to say friends and relatives outside of pakistan as thats the only options for these guys .

    • What are we getting for paying these taxes/duties? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

      I don’t think Pakistanis realize what taxation is for. Tax money is collected so it can be spent on the people. So sure, collect these outrageous taxes, but give something back to the taxpayers!

        • It is about tax collection. Otherwise they’d just forgo these ridiculous taxes and block illegal handsets anyway. A lot of countries are doing illegal handset blocking. No other country is doing it in this asinine way.

  • میرے کزن نے اک سال پہلے 2 qmobile خریدے جن مین سے اک پی ٹی اے نے بند کردیا
    اگر یہ موبائل پاکستان سے خریدا گیا ہے تو پھر کیوں بند ہوا؟؟؟؟؟؟

    • My cousin bought two mobile before one year but now Pta has blocked one mobile as they said tax not paid I wonder if the phone is not imported then why it has been blocked

  • 40 to 50 thousand tax to kisi bhi phone ka nai hona chahiye, 2 3 hazaar k phones ko to chorain aap

  • Mr. Propkaistani do some search and write with detail. i think the said IMEI mentioned on Nokia Box just may not relates with Nokia phone. there are lots of IMEI checker online.

  • IMEI : 862046037943537 is PTA non-compliant(blacklisted or duplicated). Application cannot be processed. Registration failed. But mobile ma sim b ni chal riii hai koi hall bto as ka

  • Dear raza rizvi, Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 2,000/- k mobile ki list bhi share kardain ham bhi lay lain???? “for phones worth Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 4,000.”

  • I purchased Samsung Galaxy M20 and it has been block by PTA and when i went to PTA office Karachi and after 2 hours when my token number came and i asked to PTA officer about unblock my cell phone, he replied sorry we cant unblock ur mobile phone because of Indian Model seriusly wht rubbish i purchased cell phone rs.30k and he was saying sorry u can use wifi only if u want unblock my cell phone so wht PTA block and how…..?

  • Prime minister imran khan says he give Ese of doing business but Pta launches campaign against prime minister imran khan

  • S10+1 128gb came from UK. I got the massage for is 36000 pak rupees. Is it justiful tex?

  • Maine sab logon k comments perhay lakin sawal ye hay ye phone awam ne import to kiye nahi to phir companies like sellers se complain ku nahi kertay k iska tax pay kro import unho ne kia to tax b wo dein or yehi galti hamari awam main hay govt or adaron per bakwas kertay rehna lakin jo mafia betha uske khilaf to bolna hi nahi hota thori common sense use kro or sellers ko pakro k tax pay karain unko asan hal mil gya k stock rakho jo buy kernay aye uss per bhoj daal do

  • Just moved back from Saudi Arabia, been using my phone IPhone 7plus 256GB from past 1.5yr and bring it with me, now they are asking me to pay 46000 for my personal used phone. Im not selling its in my personal use, why are they asking soo much money for it. If i sell it now it will Cost max 65000. How come yaar.. Implementing tax is very good im always in support, but yaar koi logic to ho.

  • Slam . Bro. koi bta skta hai k asal m tex policy kiya hai . Pta kahta hai dollar m tex Wasool ho ga mera mobile dollar k mutabiq 218 ka bnta hai . Ab 200to 350 dollar k bech m atty hen un ka tex 7000 ban rha ha …. pta office gy to wo kahty 13000 banta hai ab kiya kry banda

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