Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Series Outsold the S9 Lineup: Counterpoint Research

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series has outsold the S9 phones, reports Counterpoint research. 16 million units of the Galaxy S10 series were sold between March and May, which is 12% more than the Galaxy S9 series in the same period last year.

S10+ The Star of the Show

According to the first quarter’s data, the Galaxy S10+ has been the most popular model of the S10 lineup so far. It accounted for 42% of sales during the quarter, which translates to about 6.7 million units. The next most popular phone has been the regular S10, which was responsible for 32% of the quarter’s sales or 5.1 million units.

Bringing up the rear was the smaller S10e, which accounted for 22% of the quarter’s sales — or around 3.5 million units.

Helped in Improving Market Share

The successful sales of the Galaxy S10 series also lifted up Samsung’s market share in the global premium smartphone market. The South Korean tech giant managed a 25 percent market share, up three percentage points from a year earlier.

Even more impressive is the fact that despite a global decline in smartphone sales, Samsung’s new flagships have improved in sales in the US market.

Counterpoint Research predicts the S10 series to be on track to ship 40 million units in 2019 as it faces less competition than last year.

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