PMDC Enforces New Format for Entry Tests in Medical Universities

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has issued a statement, directing all the universities to adopt the newly approved format for Medical and Dental College Assessment Test (MD-CAT).

In the statement, PMDC has told that the council held a meeting under Acting President Dr. Amir Zaman, which is scheduled to take place on August 25. It said that the council has prepared a new format for the entry test in consultation with the subject experts recommended by the admitting universities.


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The statement further disclosed that the format has been approved by the council and the universities are now required to follow the new format. Syllabus of the regions/provinces used by the admitting university is considered approved. Now, the universities are required to notify and publish the approved syllabus to facilitate the students appearing in the upcoming MD-CAT.

The said meeting also approved the minutes of Standing Recognition Committee for dental colleges while resolving 25 pending cases of forcing qualified specialists. The committee called the holders of additional postgraduate qualifications to hear the relevant cases.