Here’s What Happens if World Cup Semifinals & Final are Washed Out

The knockout stage of the ICC World Cup 2019 has introduced reserve days for the semi-final and the final should the weather pose any serious threat.

So, how does the reserve days work?

The decision to abandon the game on the original match day lies with the officials. If the umpires feel that the conditions are not good enough then the match will be played on the reserve day.

It is worth mentioning that the reserve day will be a continuation and not a restart. The match will resume from the same scoreline from the original match date.

Fixed Reserve Days

The schedule of the reserved days has already been decided and announced by the World Cup management.

  • Semi-final 1: India vs. New Zealand
    • Match date: 9th July, 2019
    • Reserve day: 10th July, 2019
  • Semi-final 2: Australia vs. England
    • Match date: 11th July, 2019
    • Reserve day: 12th July, 2019
  • Final: SF1 Winner vs. SF2 Winner
    • Match date: 14th July, 2019
    • Reserve day: 15th July, 2019

What if no Play is Possible on Reserve Day?

In an unlikely event, if the semi-final match is not possible even on the reserve day then the higher placed team on the points table will qualify for the final.

If the final is washed out and the play is also not possible on reserve day then the World Cup trophy will be shared by the two finalist teams.

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