PM Imran Eliminates Biometric Verification Condition for Senior Citizens

The federal government has excluded the requirement of biometric verification for elderly citizens who have unclear fingerprints. The decision was taken after Prime Minister Imran Khan received several complaints in this regard on Citizen Portal.

Taking a ‘suo motu’ on the issue, PM Khan directed the concerned authorities not to bother senior citizens who are facing problems in the verification of their fingerprints for bank accounts.


Expats Exempted from Biometric Verification for Bank Accounts in Pakistan

The elderly people, particularly above 65, face this issue because their skin loses elasticity with age.

A notification issued from the PM Office, on Tuesday, said that the government ‘has eliminated the need for biometric verification for people facing genuine issues, including senior/old age citizens with uneven texture/ unclear fingerprints.’

The exemption would, however, require an undertaking from the person that all its particulars provided to the bank are correct.


NADRA Disables Biometric Verification of Bank Customers Via Apps

Similarly, senior citizens will not have to undergo the verification process to get a CNIC, mobile SIM, or passport.

Earlier, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has exempted expatriates from undergoing biometric verification to continue using their bank accounts in Pakistan. They will be required to provide their respective banks with the proof that they are living abroad.

  • EOBI pensioners are required to undergo biomatric verification as proof of life on quarterly basis, they all are old-aged. PM’s directive will be applicable in such cases or not?

  • Loophole for benami accounts. That’s why money laundering keeps happening in pakistan – the elite make the rules and they ensure there are loopholes for them to keep doing it. Senior citizen and non-residential pakistani are the two loopholes that let you avoid biometric verification.

    The NRP loophole is a doozy. Only in Pakistan would the central bank allow such a huge loophole.

  • This N I A Z I of 25 July 2018 himself is a senior citizen so he is unable understand the issue correctly.
    Biometric is not done only with thumb impression, it can be done by any of 10 fingers on both hands. Most of senior citizens fail thumb verification but they succeed by other finger prints.
    Surely, this move is a loophole provided for Benaamidaars.

    • Government can adopt Iris recognition which is also a biometric identification method.

      Fingerprint scanners are common as they are cheaper; Iris scanners are lees common as they are expensive but more reliable and secure.

  • They do not have correct information. I am 62 years old and I also do not get biometric verification. This system is very old and obsolete. Most of the countries have discarded this system.
    I strongly recommend exemption should be permitted from the age above 60 on immediate basis by informing all concerned, SIM issuing companies, banks etc. Otherwise government need to change biometric systems.

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