Karachi Gets a New Pakistani Ride-Hailing Service

When you think ride-hailing or taxi app, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Careem or Uber. However, that might be changing soon for Karachiites with Siayara. Siayara is a new online taxi service that will cater to people looking for inexpensive transport in the city.

Syed Aamir Hussain, Director Siayara, says it is the first of its kind ride-hailing service that is primarily based in Pakistan and seeks to provide cheaper transport in the city.

Hussain said, “Initially, we have started with 2,000 cars divided into four categories – eco-mini, eco-, eco-plus, and eco-business – with reasonable fares,” adding that there aren’t any peak factor or hidden charges on the rides plus it’s a 24-hour service.

Hussain, while comparing Siayara’s rates with its competitors, said that when using an eco-mini vehicle, a minimum of PKR 15 per kilometer will be charged, which is PKR 3-4 less compared what other services charge for the same car type.

For the other modes, such as eco the base rate is Rs. 17/km, eco-plus costs Rs. 18/km and eco-business will cost you Rs. 26/km. The price difference of PKR 3-4 also applies for the other car types, said Hussain.

Hussain said that after a few months, the organization aims to introduce a motorcycle service as well.

To avail the service, you can either dial 021-111-100-500 to call a ride or install the Siayara app from Google PlayStore.

  • Appreciate another entry to the ride-hailing market, moreso because it’s a Pakistani company. However they need more cars in their fleet if they hope to compete with the likes of Uber and Careem. Just tried the app and there are barely any cars available.

  • Ride hailing services reduce the fares to compete with other market players. At the end the car owner/driver suffer due to the same.

  • Thanks Mr. S.A. Hussain for the initiative of Capacity Building in transport sector of Karachi. At this time I’m not getting reply from the given UAN which indicates if you’re are truly 24 hours service. What should be the process of calling for ride at designated place ?

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