Jeremy McLellan is Coming to Pakistan to “Fill in for PM Imran Khan”

You remember the American stand-up comedian, Jeremy McLellan, don’t you?

Well, he’s back again and this time around, he is coming to his second-favorite country, Pakistan, on Thursday. He made the announcement last night on Twitter.

Leaving for Pakistan tomorrow where I’ll be spending two weeks in the areas around Islamabad with a youth team from @HelpingHandUSA. Please say a prayer for our work.

And the concluding ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, of course.

And then his sarcastic nature took over and he tweeted this:

He is coming to Pakistan during the time Imran Khan will be in the US on his first official visit to the States. Adding a little fun to his tweet, he said that he will be performing the duties of PM in his absence. Let’s not get into the ‘dad’ part (pun intended).

Jeremy is well known for his love for Pakistan and trolling Indians on social media. He actively comments on the state of affairs in Pakistan and he knows about the latest trends in the country more than you and me. In short, he is a gora Pindi boy.

As usual, Twitter had a good laugh about his tweets. Here’s what people said:

A warm welcome.


You cannot be the PM, Jeremy.

Welcome home Major.

Rainy weather calls for preparation.

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