TikTok Video Lands Pakistani Man in Jail

TikTok, the famous app for short lip-syncing, talent and comedy videos, is quite popular in Pakistan.

In recent months, the number of users has increased significantly considering the app offers some good time-pass content. However, this young man from Jhelum went a little too far and because of TikTok, he’s now behind the bars.

Sajid Khan uploaded a gangster-style short video with some desi music in the background on TikTok for fun. However, he was seen holding an illegal pistol in the video he uploaded.

The Police, on the directives of DPO Jhelum, have booked him for illegal possession of a 30-bore pistol after a private news channel pointed out the violation of law.

Update: Sajid Khan has now been released on bail.

Feature Writer

  • After all badmash (in and out of institutions) sent behind bars, those who put constitution in suspension, those who misuse powers, murderers, kidnappers and all criminals arrested, trialed and jailed.. This is what we were waiting for our district management monkey to come with.

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    Pakistan k tamam security idaray corrupt aur andar se milay huway hain…

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