Imran Khan is the Best Thing That Happened to Pakistan: Billionaire Shahid Khan

There’s no denying the fact that Imran Khan has a charisma and a class that sets him apart from others. The premier’s successful visit to the United States is a testament to his impressive personality and the ability to attract crowds even away from home.


Pakistani-American businessman, Shahid Khan, seems to be a huge fan of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Following a meeting of businessmen with the PM, the billionaire businessman was all praise for Imran Khan.

He termed him as the best thing that’s happened to Pakistan.

He is greater than life and the best thing that’s happened to Pakistan, at least in my lifetime.

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When asked about Pakistan’s future with Imran Khan, he said:

I have hope, I think the future of Pakistan is gonna be fabulous with Mr. Imran. I’m proud to be Pakistani again.

A large number of Pakistani-Americans turned up for Imran Khan’s jalsa at the Capital One Arena a couple of days back which shows the trust they have in him.


  • Actually imran is the worst thing that happen to Pakistan. but obviously Shahid said that bcoz he is a business man and business people rarely spokes truth. PAK need leader like Mullah Omer. Imran is just a random loser like 10pc and mian chor. jis ne zina kar ke beti ke aur apni beti ko naam tak nai dia kia moo dekhaye ga ALLAH ko akhirat mein. Ye be corruption he hai imran is also corrupt snake.

      • abay jahil youthia elaj karwa apna aur apne playboy politican imran ka samjha zaida bak bak nai. ppp ke jiyale, pmln ke patwari, aur pti ke youthia doggi, ye sarey eik he thaali ke baigan hai bhaiya.

        • sasti tareen gashti ke bachay, tu khanzeeeer kya janay leader kya hota hai

    • @Imran Corrupt Snake

      Yes you are absolutely 100% right. Zani Imran Playboy supporters should apply burnol but I can’t guarantee that it will be effective LMFAO

        • Han lakin is ka ye matlab nai ki koi dunya ko dekhnae ke liye maafi mange to woh saaf suthra hogaya. Isse waja se ALLAH ne hidayat apne hath mein rakhe hai. Imran awam ko bewakoof bana sakhta hai drama kar ke lakin ALLAH se kuch nai chupa hua. Imran is an actor and nothing more. Imran works for iblees khabees. He didn’t said anything abt US army human rights violations all around the globe when he was giving interview to that american journalist. I made dua to ALLAH to never give hidayat to imran 2 number actor INSHALLAH.

    • @imran corruption snake

      Arey yar kahan Mullah Umer or kahan imran u-turn loser. Mullah Umer toh ALLAH ke wali, imran zani jaise log toh Mullah Umer ke chappal ke barabar be nai.

    • @imran Corruption Snake: App kya muh dekhao gay Allah ko.. App ukay zinah kay gawah tay? baghair dekhay zinah ki gawahi kun daytay ho. Ho ga Imran zani per yeh mamalah Allah pak per chor do, Appni fiqar karo or deen sekho. Jab tak ankoun say dekho , kanoun say suno nahi , perchar nahi karo. Yeh fitna hay..

      Rahi baat Imran is a corruption snake, yes ho ga Allah knows and if he is Allah will punish. per app nay usko dekha nahi corruption kertay huay. tell us if u had?
      phir kahun ga jab tak dekho nahi , sono nahi tasdeeq na ho jae, Imran , Nawaz, zardari kisi kay baray ma galat met kaho.. yeh fitna hay.
      Allah will ask us as well about this.. we are not angels.

      please do consider this request.

      • lag raha hai ap dunya mein naye aye ho. Wat u say doesn’t apply here. Imran ne kitne bar jhoot bola media pe aur phir u turn le lia. Emaan ka takaza hai agar kuch bura hote dekho to hath se rokho hath se nai toh zaban se roko aur agar woh be nai kar sakho toh dil mein usse bura samjho. Looks like u just a little bacha and u don’t know real face of imran. Shame on u for supporting playboy zani, ab ap ko ALLAH ko hesab daina pareyga qayamat ke din eik zani ko support karne pe.

      • @Ali, toh imran ne 13percent GST lagaya icecream pe us pe be criticize koi karey toh woh be bura hogaya hana? yani imran ko koi criticize nai karsakhta ye kehna chare ho ap? is imran tyrant or dictator ke koi us kuch bol nai sakhta?

      • @Ali Akram

        Ap jaise logon ke waja se dunya mein barbaddi hore hai. World is getting destroyed due to good people keep quiet abt it. Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

        check this video on utube,

    • Teri ammi ke sath zina kiya tha kisi anni ke bache. Kanjar molvio tumhari wajah se hi yeh mulk barbad hoa hai.

      • See these youthia showing their family and educational background che che shame

  • Imran is the biggest loser in the history of PAK. I request ALLAH plz save Pakistani awaam from zani imran fitna.

  • Imran is an actor and he is doing acting nothing else. That Medina ke riyasat was also just a political statement nothing more. Imagine yourself can a playboy make Medina ke riyasat, think this for a moment from neutral point of view without any political biasness.

    • Yes you are right but the problem is imran supporters can’t handle criticism very well. Go imran go, ro imran ro.

  • Imran is pathological idiot. Shame on imran and his supporters. Imran said bad things abt PAK Army in his interview. I request COAS plz kick out imran loser from PAK for once and all. I also request ALLAH to give hidayat to both ISI and PAK Army and they should find some better candidate than this imran zani loser idiot who made fun of PAK Army in his interview.

    Imran said that PAK Army created all the militant armed groups inside PAK and Afghanistan which is a very big lie and imran should apologize to whole nation for this blunder. and imran zani loser also said that OBL caught from abbotabad was an embarrassment for the whole nation which is also a lie, it was actually all drama OBL was long dead in 2007 in tora bora which benazir also confirmed in one of her interview which she gave to BBC and BBC cut and censored it.

    PAK ARMY & ISI zindabad and imran loser murdabad.

  • How about controlling inflation? Or is it too difficult for imran doggi to understand the pains of common Pakistanis?

  • Imran is the first person in the history of Pakistan who put 13pc GST on eating Icecream. Even “10percent” and “nawaz bakery chor” wasn’t able to pull that off.

  • Overseas Pakistani can not understand the basic problems of poor Pakistanis. As they got food, education, medical care and job. They don’t suffer from inflation in Pakistan.

    • WOW sane people still exist Kudos! ap ne sach bola ab kahin pti ke youthia ap ke peeche na parh jaye hath doh ke. PTI supporters are so idiot that they think that anyone who criticize imran will be definitely a jiyala or a patwari. I mean common Pakistani can’t criticize imran, that’s what the pti mindset is.

    • Woh petwari nai jahil, common Pakistani hain. Shame on you ab ap ne aam awam ko patwari keh ka jhoota fatwa lagaya, ab ap ko qayamat ke din ALLAH ko hesab daina pareyga. Bas ab ye 2 min ke dunya mein maze karlo beta akhirat mein ALLAH la azab intezar kar raha hai.

      • Patwari jehalat aur bewaqoofi ka dosra naam hai chahe noon league se ho ya koi bhi ho…douchebag
        Allah ka azab tum jaise jahilon aur dangron ke liye ho ga jin ko sirf 2 sajde kar ke apne aap pe itna gharoor hai laikin duniya mein haq sach ka sath dene pe takleef hoti hai aur jhoot aur makkari se apne kaam chalayen ge. Huqooq Ullah maaf nahin hoon ge…samjhe

  • Imran supporters are having mental breakdown issues. I request some doctor to give them free treatment. People with mental issues are dangerous to society as a whole.

  • US Dollar reached 162 PKR and still imran supporters defending them wow so much stupidity and illiteracy.

  • Pakistani people wanted to end the honeymoon b/w PAK Establishment and American Establishment. and Imran want good relation with world biggest tyrant who did human rights violations all around the globe. So, politicians and people are not in the same boat.

  • Haha, bas Billionaire ki baat par raye ni deni, wo to aisi baaten kar sakty hain, ham ghareebo’n ki raye bhi puch lo?

    • WOW sane people still exists thank ALLAH. Yes you are right dear. Imran also belongs to elite class, so he doesn’t know what it looks and feels like to be poor, to face injustice on a daily basis, to feel powerless, to be humiliated by the elite and upper class, to do sabr and bardasht and even after that not getting any justice, so in a short imran is anti Pakistani and anti Islamic. Just pray to ALLAH to give Pakistan some great leader. We average joe civilian can’t do much except praying.

      • Kahan sy aaye ga leader bhai .? isi awaam me sy aana hai leader jo bhi aaye ga. or yaad rahe ya awaam bhangg pee kar so rahi hai kiu ke jinho ne mulq badbaad kiya wo abhi bhi unhi ko defend kar rahi hai.

  • mran govt. released qadiayani criminal. Jumbo tv exposed this,


    shame on imran, dead to imran terrorist. Khatem-e-Nubuwat Zindabad.

    Now do u people understand real face of imran or do u want more proof?

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