Who is The New British Prime Minister & Why is He a Fan of Imran Khan?

Conservative leader, Boris Johnson, is set to become Britain’s new Prime Minister, succeeding Theresa May following the backlash on Brexit’s negative impacts.

What most people don’t know about the new British PM is that he doesn’t have a pure English background. The newly-elected PM has deep ties with Pakistan and the Muslim community. His wife, Marina Wheeler’s family is from Sargodha in Pakistan, according to media reports.

Johnson’s great-grandfather, Ali Kemal, held key positions in the Ottoman Empire before and after his exile. The then-Sultan had banished him for his liberal views which he had developed early in his life.

Boris Johnson visited Pakistan in 2016 where he met Imran Khan as well along with the members of the ruling party, PML-N.


Johnson’s selfies with Khan, during his visit to Pakistan in 2016, are making rounds on social media following his victory in the elections. Back then, PTI’s official social media channels also claimed that “Even Boris turned out to be an Imran Khan fan and could not resist taking a Khan-fie”. News channels also reported that Boris was indeed a fan of the current Pakistani PM Imran Khan and enjoyed finally meeting the cricketing legend.

Imran Khan was very popular back in the days when he used to play international cricket and Boris Johnson seems to be someone who’s been following him since his cricketing days. Johnson is a well-known cricket fanatic and has been seen spectating cricket matches in England.

Posted by Imran Khan (official) on Thursday, November 24, 2016

According to BBC, Johnson’s top team will reflect modern Britain, with increased representation from ethnic minorities and women.

In an interview in 2015, Johnson had said that he will aim to boost the ties with Pakistan if Conservatives came into power. Now that he has won the elections, it remains to be seen whether he stands true to his words.

We have in London a large number of businesses and a huge Pakistani community. And, they are the backbone of London’s economy.

With Boris Johnson in Downing Street, Pakistan can expect plenty of good news. Following the US visit, the United Kingdom definitely seems to be on the cards for PM Imran Khan.

Finally, this had to be added to conclude the article on a lighter note.


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  • first Trump, now him….. or yaar fazul reman ko pm banaoo ab to pakaa time aya is ka.

  • Boris Johnson? The guy who basically made Brexit happen? He’s a buffoon! The whole point behind Brexit was to cordon Britain off against minorities and the like. Now he’s their strongest proponent? What a load of ****.

  • Jab imran pe bura waqt ayega phir dekheinge is ke sath kaun kaun selfies banata hai. Gaddafi ke beta ke be toh dosti thi 10 downing street walon se kia hua bura waqt mein kisi ne sath dia?

  • This clearly shows that imran is no leader but just another random monkey who wants fame and girls.

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