Pakistani Bus Driver’s Son, Sajid Javid Becomes UK’s Finance Minister

The newly elected British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has appointed the former home secretary, Sajid Javid, as the new finance minister in his first cabinet appointment.

A banker-turned politician, Javid hails from a modest background. He was among the leading contenders for the premiership and the only immigrant. But he chose to endorse Johnson after failing to obtain enough support from the Conservative Member of Parliaments (MPs).


Pakistani Bus Driver’s Son Could Become The New British PM

49-year-old Javid was appointed as the home secretary last year. He is the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver and is the face of a meritocratic, multicultural, and modern Britain.

Javid belongs to the economically liberal wing of the Conservative Party. He voted in favor of Britain staying in the European Union in 2016. During his stint as home secretary, he was respected for handling a scandal of the treatment of the children of Caribbean immigrants, the Windrush generation.

  • Tou kon sa Pakistan ko UK ki Tajori se Paise de ga…Talk about what people doing in Pakistan..I think you never find any achievement made by Pakistani in Pakistan..It is always like uk mae pakistani ne yeh kar dea wo kar dea

  • Unfortunately his speeches and actions are totally against Pakistan and Muslims. From supporting Israel at all levels against Palestine, marrying to a Christian Caucasian lady, not showing any interest in being a Muslim to blaming Pakistanis for majority of criminal activities, why should we be proud of him?. We should instead be ashamed of his actions, after-all his father was a Muslim Pakistani.

  • Well done Sajid. Its a also a reflection on how diverse the UK has become and the opportunities they give to different ethnicities. In Pakistan we are constantly under the illusion that only muslims deserve better opportunities and if you pray 5 times a day, you are better than everyone !! professionalism can go down the drain !

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