Pakistan Starts Preparing for Trump’s Visit to Pakistan

On Thursday, Pakistan’s Foreign Office announced that details were being worked out for US President Donald Trump’s visit to Pakistan. Responding to an invitation extended to him by PM Imran during his recent visit to the US, Trump had agreed to visit Pakistan.

The Foreign Office stated that the PM has not decided whether he would attend the UNGA meeting next month in New York. With Trump himself bringing up the issue of Occupied Kashmir to the limelight, there are chances that PM Imran would attend. A meeting with Trump can also be a possibility.

Dr. Muhammad Faisal said, “We can only inform the UNGA about the PM‘s visit once the final decision has been taken. President Trump raised the issue of mediation about the Jammu and Kashmir dispute saying that the Indian prime minister had requested him for it. We have welcomed his offer. We look forward to positive developments and resolution of Jammu and Kashmir dispute as per the UN Security Council resolutions and the wishes of Kashmiri people.”

PM Imran Khan termed it an ‘immense’ success of the foreign policy that President Trump raised the issue of Kashmir and stated his wish to arbitrate and help to resolve this dispute.

The spokesperson said, “This is a very positive development. We will certainly follow it up actively”. Hopefully, the United States and the Taliban will reach a final agreement in Doha this week.

He added, “Prime Minister Imran Khan is personally committed to the Afghan peace process. We will continue stressing for a comprehensive all-inclusive Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process, and in this regard we are working with all stakeholders. Matters related to the visit of the Taliban, as announced by the prime minister, are being finalized.”

Pakistan upholds that Intra-Afghan talks are internal political matters of Afghanistan and it would continue to support an outcome satisfactory to all Afghans in line with the efforts made by the US and the international community.

He said, “As the talks are continuing, we must not prejudge the conclusions.” As the Modi government sent further placement of 10,000 troops into Srinagar, and Farooq Abdullah and Omer Abdullah rushed to Delhi to meet with Prime Minister Modi, Pakistan states “these measures are interpreted by Kashmiris to mean that the ground is being prepared to counter the fallout after the possible abolition of Article 35-A and 370 which grant special status to the IHK”.

“Pakistan has consistently rejected Indian attempts to further try to integrate IHK through the so-called Articles 370 and 35A and maintains that it is in stark violation of the UNSC resolutions,” he said.

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