Cheap Sunglasses Can be Harmful for Your Eyesight: Specialist

Dr. Tassaduq an eye specialist, while talking to the media, said that inexpensive sunglasses can hurt your eye-sight and lead to eye-related issues during the scorching and humid summer.

Speaking at a private news channel, he stated that it is crucial to validate the quality of sunglasses to block out ultraviolet light from the sun that can lead to long-lasting eye damage and even permanent vision loss.

You shouldn’t assume that an inexpensive pair of sunglasses offers this level of safety, even if a label on them says, “blocks UV”, he said. He adds,

The basic purposes of sunglasses are to shield your eyes from damaging rays of the sun, to enable you to see clearly and comfortably in bright sunlight and to protect your eyes from injury or irritation.

He mentioned that due to their affordable prices consumers tend to prefer cheaper ones over the expensive and better quality sunglasses. Naseer Ahmed, the owner of a small cafeteria, says that sunglasses can be easily misplaced or broken hence buying an expensive pair is not possible for him. The summer heat and intense sunlight affects his vision and even opening your eyes in the sunlight is a chore, says Naseer.

Aliya, a college student added,

It is next to impossible to step out without putting on sunglasses as sun rays become too harsh during summer moreover it keeps one looking fashionable.

She said that as she can’t afford branded sunglasses on her limited pocket money, she buys them from the road vendors.

  • In Case of Using “Fiber / Plastic then ” In Case of Using “Glases Material) then No :
    I am Using Since Many Years 80 Se 110 Ho Gaya Price But Acha hai
    Koi Masla Nahi

  • Dr. Musaddaq as per standards on ophthalmology 98% are fake locally branded, or processed/grounded and locally made lenses with major brands. I have reported the matter to WIPO Geneva to inform the respective GOP to investigate/enforce the subject. Hope expect with your concern at least the unfair may change to fairness.

  • Question is how user can verify if expensive glasses purchased is Quality product? Unfortunately same product is sold on expensive shop with high prices due to Shop Operational expenditures.

    • Buy a UV flashlight. You can verify by shining a UV light through them on a flat surface. If most of the light cannot pass through them, they’re legit.

    • Beam a UV light through the glasses on a currency note. Currency notes have special symbols that light up in UV light. If you shine a UV light on a currency note through the glasses, if the symbols aren’t visible your glasses are 100% UV proof. If they light up but not as brightly then your glasses are only partially UV proof.

  • Market is flooded with fake and first copy of all major international brands sold by all online sites at 10% of the originals, no one cares even the originals manufacturer are also not doing any thing to stop it it’s a multi millions solar business who cares no one

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