Social Media Forces Malala Yousafzai to Break Her Silence on Kashmir Issue

After plenty of criticism from Pakistanis, Nobel Peace Laureate, Malala Yousafzai has finally broken her silence over the Kashmir issue.

Malala’s silence was a heated topic on social media considering the fact that she is quite vocal about human rights being a United Nations Ambassador of Peace.

For seven decades, the children of Kashmir have grown up amidst violence.

After her silence over the matter, she has finally taken to Twitter to express her sentiments for Kashmiris. Here’s what she tweeted:

Highlighting the atrocities faced by the troubled people of the Himalayan region, she said:

The people of Kashmir have lived in conflict since I was a child, since my mother and father were children, since my grandparents were young.

Answering why she cares for Kashmir, she said that she shares her home ‘South Asia’ with 1.8 billion people including Kashmiris.

She reiterated that we need to live in peace and that she is ‘worried about the safety of Kashmiri children and women’ who are ‘most vulnerable to violence and most likely to suffer losses in conflict’.

As expected, the responses to her tweet were flooded with hate comments by war-mongering Indians, despite the fact that she didn’t even mention India once in her statement.

Pakistanis, on the other hand, are bashing her for not calling out India directly for the sinister atrocities being committed against the innocent Kashmiris, whose voices have been blocked by internet and media blackout in the region.

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  • Pakistanis, on the other hand, are bashing her for not calling out India directly for the sinister atrocities being committed against the innocent Kashmiris, whose voices have been blocked by internet and media blackout in the region…..very well said

  • I think this message was carefully crafted by McKinsey & Company (or some other PR agency). Shows no direct attack or names of people involved in this. No mention of Amit Shah, Modi or india. This is the kind of message which even turkey, china or malaysia presented.

    We don’t need such messages. Its like ‘formality poori karo’… If you want to condemn this, condemn it strongly. otherwise just keep your shut.

  • World knows true face of Pakistan and why he is exaggerating Kashmir issue. Only Pakistanis not know ground reality in Kashmir, go and see for yourself before calling that kid a bitch in comments. Shame. When Pakistani terrorists come and bomb places, they dont ask religion first. When your government aligns with TTP to unrest Kashmir for international limelight, they tend to forget that this same TTP was responsible for shooting in schools in Pakistan. Go and see how your government actively runs illegal terror agency and arms near afghan border, then lecture others. India is still way better at human rights than those terrorists. We have more Muslims herr in India to raise concern than total in Pakistan. All you need Kashmir is for its water source for Punjab. Its easy to blame India on social media, really got guts to question those terror shopa running in name of Islam, try to do it. You will meet same fate as other dead Pakistanis at hands of your own army. Or their created terror groups. Look in yourself first before pointing at us.

    • Indian brother hum itna bore hia that as soon kaptan came asked for talks address the issue instead of running chicken. The reason chicken modi was not coming to the table because he wanted to take table away. India as normal has underestimated move and repercussions unfortunately the Kashmir people will suffer but remember there suffering will result in azadi inshallah Kashmir banaga Pakistan inshallah

    • The whole world is seeing what ur army doing in kashmir everyday someone is killed by ur coward armed dogs. Its a disputed land not urs not ours. U understand kid? Go get some brain.

      • Haan ta bibi ukhaad lena jo ukhadna…asaan ta lelita kashmir, 1971 ich toilet saaf kraye c, inhi coward armed dogs ne. zyda hawawa vich kadi uddi firdi hove tu. Arram nal coment kitta c, aram naal rehn dendi ta changa c, muh khulgya te paper hi band hojana eh e.

  • U r a peace prize winner u should be saying alot regarding peace. U can voice up to the media blackout open up the world’s eyes into the actual situation. U can start from condemning India illegal move but even if u don’t it’s already become a movement movement for azadi Kashmir banaga Pakistan

  • I think most of the people commenting on social media are illiterate which I make out from the quality of language they use. Many people are sentimental and also blind believers of the story their state has taught them in school textbooks. They are also habitual of believing anything in media.

  • How we can’t talk on this issue. Kashmiris are facing worst conditions because of india. Indian government is torturing and killing innocent kashmiris. What is the mistake of Kashmiris?their mistake is that they want to be a part of Pakistan. Because in kashmir Muslims are in majority. And Pakistan contains those parts of subcontinent where muslims are in majority. So that’s the reason why Kashmiris want freedom from india. This is basic rights of Kashmiris. They are trying to get their right from many decades. Kashmir is bleeding from many decades. Because kashmir is pakistan and pakistan is kashmir. Because pakistan contains Muslims in majority and kashmir also have. So give respect to will of people of kashmir and solve this issue with justice and table talk.l am requesting to every human being who is reading my comment,if you have humanity, than stand for kashmiris and do, what you can do for kashmir, peace and justice.

  • People of India wake up c what modi has done all his policies are against barat and its people . The devaluation of or banning notes affected barat lifestyle which chicken modi wants to downgrade people and lifestyle of every Indian . This should be a me too movement to campaign on women issue where this Kashmir issue or ethnic cleansing which is trying to be carried out as an excuse to the 350 35a women when will it be a time for real unity for female backing the statement of India media indian men and India track record of no female respect the women of Kashmir are looking desperately at ur movement please come out women power is underestimated by modi government raise ur voices please

  • Malala has spoken a partial truth. The conflict in Kashmir is not 70 years old. It began whenever it was that Islamic genocidal ethnic cleansing of ‘kafir’ Hindus commenced in that ancient land, leaving it’s land scape strewn with the ruins of the temples of its people (much the same as the rest of India and nothing new for Islamic mindset). It was for the rights of its indigenous people that guru Teghbahadur was killed and Matidaas sawn in half.

    Islam is no one’s friend and least of all of those that profess that belief. In time to come, most muslims will gradually awaken from the deep slumber inflicted on them and will return to their ancestral hindu home, as many of them are doing already. They will finally read Koran to understand it and wonder with awe at how stupid they were for not recognising fiction.

    • Bakhshi u have very little knowledge of Islam, stick to your religion in which u drink mooter of cow and worship not degrade other religions.

    • Mr bakhshi , you know nothing about islam …. Instead you are in a deep sleep , take a look around i have never seen a muslim converted hindu Never you are mistaken …. I suggest you to see translation of Quran , it will surely guide you ….As its the power of our holy book that you cant change its message , but its message changes you !! #Kashmir_banegas_Pakistan

  • Carefully read Mr Bakhshi statement regarding India or Kashmir, it seems that he has a very little knowledge of India. If he look back in history, he will find to know that India was not the country or home of Hindu, s. Before hindu Darahu were living here. So in your words India is the land of Darahu not hindu. So leave India to Darahu.

  • The only think the war mongering Indians recognise is force. China attacks from the North East kashmir and Pakistan from the west. Drive the Indian army out of kashmir, then ask the people of kashmir what they want to do and who they want to unite with. Indians know that they are in the wrong and won’t accept it.

  • She did as she should if she had evidence then should have told the truth that is both countries are at fault Pakistan with it’s intelligence and propaganda while India with it’s tyrannical treatment and betrayal of contract with the head of the state of Kashmir

  • Piece of shit. She will never condemn or use word “violence” bcoz it will be against the financers she had been.

  • Anyone can make comments on the referred matter. However, finally, it is upto India to decide and take necessary action in nation’s interest.

  • Article 370 is sensitive because it guarantees significant autonomy for the disputed territory by allowing the 12 million people who live in Jammu and Kashmir to have their own constitution, a separate flag and independence over all matters except foreign affairs, defence and communications. India’s decision has been denounced by the former chief minister of the state, Mehbooba Mufti, who is reported by the BBC as saying that the move effectively made India an occupying force. “Today marks the darkest day in Indian democracy,” she tweeted, adding that the government’s “unilateral decision” is “illegal and unconstitutional.”

  • Kashmir issue is india’s internal matter. It is an integral part of india and both china and pakistan have illegaly occupied a part of it. And speaking of majority by religion, then by ur logic it should be a part of uae as it has largest muslim population. India has more muslims than pakistan and if any muslim feels insecure or dont want to be part of india(which i think is not the case) is free to leave india and go to pakistan, even the kashmiris. Just like u forced kashmiri hindus out of kashmir. And lastly, no one from outside is allowed to interfere in our internal matters. Kashmir was, is and always be part of india.

  • Brothers and sisters.
    Let’s not forget South East Asia was once comprising of entire Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The place we call modern day Pakistan and Indian Punjab including Himachal, Haryana and Cashmir (now Kashmir) was one State called Panjab.
    And its been over 70 yearsnow that we’ve been fighting over this piece of land in the name of border despute, land dispute, proxy war etc.
    When will we realise, India(especially north) or Pakistan we are brothers. The English outplayed us and created the border right in the heart of punjab knowing that we would end up fighting for decades over issues of water/land etc. And in doing so would compromise our nations/peoples growth and development. India and Pakistan together have got way more resources then entire Europe inclusive of UK. Yet they are developed and we crumble behind as developing, poverty stricken countries. We speak same language have similar culture yet we fight amongst each other like cats and dogs. Meanwhile if we open our eyes and see around.,White people are never at war amongst each other. These whites have made a Guinea pig out of us all. The new monkey in the town to make the most out of the opportunity is China. We still have time to make up for our decades of mistakes.

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