Jubilee General Insurance is Celebrating Diversity This Independence Day

In the run-up to the independence day this year, Jubilee General Insurance reminds the citizens of Pakistan what truly makes this country remarkable.

The rich cultural diversity of Pakistan is its strength in many ways. Jubilee General is celebrating independence with brotherhood and unity among all the different communities who call this country home. The message behind the campaign is STAND UNITED, STAND PAKISTANI.

Inspired by this idea, their campaign’s slogan is #HumSubAikHain – a message to Pakistanis hailing from all backgrounds, lifestyles, income groups, and ethnicities to unite for the progress of the country. You also get up to 20% discount between 11th and 14th August on all online insurance policies.

As Jubilee General celebrates the strength of our nationhood through the contributions of members of its diverse population, the Brand urges people to BE AZAAD, BE SAFE by getting insurance online on flat discounted rates through the promo code PAKISTAN20. The promo code can be availed at getinsurance.pk during the above-mentioned dates.

Jubilee General strives to bring convenient insurance solutions to every part of the country through technological advancements and digitalization.

In a country where a vast number of people cannot afford expensive health procedures or loss of assets, the company brings affordable and inexpensive protection solutions.

Jubilee General’s recent launch of the Secure Scratch Cards is another innovative step taken to bring small-ticket insurance protection to the uninsured masses who need it the most.

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