Pakistan Takes Official Notice of Twitter & Facebook’s Bias Against Kashmir

Pakistani authorities have raised the issue of Twitter and Facebook accounts suspended for raising their voice against Indian atrocities in the Occupied Kashmir.

DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor, tweeted about it from his personal account, saying that the Indians working in these two tech giants are the reason behind the suspensions.

Pakistan authorities have taken up case with Twitter & Facebook against suspending Pakistani accounts for posting in support of Kashmir. Indian staff at their regional Headquarters is the reason.

Here’s the tweet:

A number of Pakistani accounts on Twitter have been suspended after they raised their concerns over human rights violations in the wake of state-wide curfew in the Himalayan region. From media persons to religious scholars, many Twitter accounts have been suspended in the last week or so which prompted Pakistani Twitter users to trend #StopSuspendingPakistanis.

Earlier, there were reports that the Indian government is pressurizing Twitter and Facebook to take down such accounts posting in favor of Kashmir. The move came as the Indian authorities are going for information blackout to hide their hideous human rights violations in the disputed region.

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Feature Writer

  • We should condemned indian army’s mis-behave with Kashmiris. India will pay for this.

  • pakistan ky liay ye bohat hi sharm ki baat hy ky Social Media ny Indian ky Account block karny ki bejay Pakistan ky hi account block kar diay .yani ky Zalim ka saath dia hy
    Is ko kehty hain apna asar o rasookh rakhna .
    hum phir bi Facebook aur Twitter bari ezzat ky sath chala rahy hain.

  • اگر فیس بک اور ٹویٹر پاکستان کے ساتھ تعصبانہ رویہ نہیں چھوڑتے اور اکاؤنٹ بلاک کرنے سے باز نہیں آتے تو فی الفور پاکستان کو فیس بک اورٹویٹر کو پاکستان میں بلاک کر دینا چاہئے۔ یہ ہماری غیرت ایمانی اور قومی غیرت کا معاملہ ہے

    • Har cheez block karna maslay ka hal nahi hai brother. Poori dunia me croron log FB aur Twitter use karte hain aur un tak Indian propaganda pauhanch raha hai. Humaray block karne k baad un tak aur ziada propaganda pauhnchay ga q k Pakistani apna point international community tak nahi pauhncha sakenge.

      Block karna hai to kardo. FB aur Twitter itni bari companies hain k unko 0.1% ka farq b nahi parega Pakistan me ban se. Nuqsan hamara hai. India ki propaganda machine full active hai social media par, un logon ne ban karne k bajaye usko apne faiday k liye use karna shuru kardia hai aur hum kuch kar nahi rahay, ulta service band karne ki batain kar rahay hain.

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