Patriots Pay Tribute to Nishan-i-Haider Rashid Minhas on His 48th Anniversary

The brave son of the soil, Rashid Minhas etched his name in the history books when he crashed his trainer jet when his defector trainer, Mataur Rahman, tried to take his plane to India.

Rashid is the first Pakistan Air Force (PAF) officer who received the Nishan-i-Haider, the highest military award in Pakistan. He is also the shortest-serving and the youngest officer to receive the award for his valor. He embraced martyrdom at the age of 20.

Pakistanis are celebrating his 48th martyrdom anniversary. On this day in 1971, during a routine training mission on a T-33 Jet trainer, his instructor tried to take control of the plane, knocking him down in the process. Rashid made sure that he didn’t let the traitor accomplish his mission.

He sacrificed his life by crashing the jet 32 miles inside Pakistani territory. He didn’t compromise on the honor and integrity of his country and made sure that his jet didn’t get into the hands of the enemy. His bravery made him a childhood hero for the young Pakistanis and became the reason why so many young kids wanted to join the armed forces, especially PAF.

Hashtags #RashidMinhas and #PakistanAirForce are currently the top trends on Twitter to pay tribute to the brave PAF pilot.

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