Pakistani Hindu Blasts Indian Artist for Criticising PM Imran

The ongoing human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir have raised concerns across the globe. Pakistan has remained at the forefront to highlight the atrocities being carried out by the Modi regime.

The country has not only taken the case to the UN and registered a formal protest with India, but has also been advocating the case at the mass level. Several Pakistani celebrities have come forward to speak against the plight of Kashmiri people. However, the other side of the border, especially celebrities, has fully supported their government’s position and the heinous crimes.

This bandwagon has been recently joined by famous Indian poet and lyricist, Javed Akhtar, who earlier had the reputation of having a sane voice no matter what.

Responding to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet on how Modi government is a threat to the very fabric of Nehru and Gandhi, he subtly took a jab at how Pakistan treats its minorities.

This did not go well with many of the Pakistani Hindus. One of them, who happens to be the member of Sindh assembly as well, Dewan Sachal responded to Akhtar’s sarcastic remark.

He said that while Pakistan’s government sacked its minister over derogatory remarks against Hindus, Indian ministers keep supporting ‘Hinduism’.

  • Just like there is an earth and sky diff b/w ISLAM and sufism, in the same way also there is an earth and sky diff b/w Sanatardaram or vedist and Hindutva but but but obviously only logical & rational people will understand this and not every random tom, dick and harry. ISI zindabad.

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