Pakistan Post to Install ATMs At All Post Offices

Pakistan Post is going to introduce automated teller machines (ATM) service at its post offices soon. Director-General of the postal service company, Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan, made the announcement on Tuesday.


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While speaking at a ceremony held to distribute motorcycles among the postmen, the director-general said that the step was taken to integrate the organization with modern needs.

Postmaster General Hafiz Zafar Ali Malik, Deputy Postmaster General Ijaz Ahmed Khokhar, Chief Postmaster Aqleem Hussain also attended the function.

DG Pakistan Post said the provision of motorcycles to the postmen will continue and will be accelerated in the coming months.


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He said the organization will distribute motorcycles among all the postmen across the country to improve the accuracy, speed, and quality of postal services.

He said the incumbent government was resolute to revamp the national postal service.


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Speaking of the organization’s achievements in the last year, Dr. Naseer said that the national postal service has successfully expanded its services in over 150 countries around the world.

    • Good to come in Time Sooner than Never


      We must use Pak Post for every day couriers

      Sasta b hai aur jaha doosry 300 400 lety waha 60 70 me kaam ho jata hai

  • Bhai baat ATM se shuru huee thee aur motercycle distribution ki dastan suna di… Yaar news to sai dia kro k kaisa atm hoga etc…

  • ATM instalation is Very difficult task.infact pakpost did not digitize its data till now.

    • Digitise Data is the mani atm hai hamid bhai. jab atm kharab ho to us main sanda ka tell dalo dhara dhar paisa phainka ga. dak khana mastana mahi atm. atm se gutka ka pakit free miljate hain. daikho kitna pyara atm hai. main us main paisa ke jaga main puri dal deita hoon. sab dak khanoon main hona Chahya. ladis ka atm alag ha.

  • Dr Naseem Ahmad Khan your statement is breakthrough to motivate the logistics with free distribution of motor cycles to the analog staff which has to be trained to digital protocols, efficiencies, audits, code of conduct.
    Motor cycles should be either hybrid fuel as battery electric/petrol, or simple Battery Electric fuel. No gasoline. The hybrid model will charge the battery while using, and will run, run.
    Suggest if you please review with UPU in Switzerland which your office has missed for decades of bureaucratic hurdles. Please try to learn from the model of China Post which is an example. They are earning billions of Euros. Pakistan Post first awareness, will, drive to execute, assertion will take you to success.

  • New projects start krny k sath workers k scales b revise hony chahiye… Last year news di gai thi revise krny ki lkn kiya nai giya… Is pe b notic lena chahiye ta k workers nek niyati se kam b kr skain

  • Dr. Naseer Ahmad Khan Director General Pakistan. Sir I called hundreds of times in your office the last day when this article appeared, and finally I got in touch with you in the evening in your office.
    Sir, I repeated the same things which the policy announced just two days before for the battery operated motor cycle, which I reminded you as well.
    Pakistan Post is still in the stone age, drawing huge deficit, no value added services, are being taken. ATM again is a liability for the post. You should open your account with any commercial bank with visible presence of ATM. So that you could stop pilferation of funds for new/un-tried chapters for the state funds.
    I would request the new DG Pakistan Post should give the reply in lieu of the PMG.
    Regards Haroon Rashid

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