“Umeed Ki Nayi Dastaan” Highlights Master Ayub Khan’s Charity School

Konnect Club and Youth With Mission have launched an initiative called “Umeed Ki Nayi Dastaan” with a community event to showcase the work of an Islamabad-based charity worker, Master Muhammad Ayub Khan.

The event, sponsored by Roamer a local car rental app, and Change Makers of Pakistan, consisted of more than 50 volunteers who signed up to teach arts-and-crafts to underprivileged children from Master Ayub’s school.

The kids spent their time painting, sketching, drawing and learning new things that got their creative juices flowing. A magic show was arranged by Bringing Smiles, which left the kids mesmerized.

Umeed Ki Nayi Dastaan seeks to empower the underprivileged and connect them with well-established members of society. The organizers believe that a one-day event is not enough to comprehend the dynamics of the lives these kids lead, but it may be enough to create a sense of responsibility among the community as a whole.

People from different walks of life interacted and indulged with the students to get an insight into how life is for them.

Usamah Naveed, Founder, and CEO of Konnect Club said:

Pakistan is ranked 150th on the global human development index reported by the UNDP. A huge reason for this is the fact that children between the ages of 5-15 are forced to work rather than attain proper basic education. In order to improve our conditions, we must be able to relate to the kids that are not as lucky in terms of opportunities. Umeed Ki Nayi Dastaan is a vision of hope where we urge all Pakistanis to play their part by working closely with the underprivileged kids. Master Ayub is a local hero, and we want to play our part in supporting him to the best of our abilities. The kids do not even have a roof over their heads while they study on the pavement allotted to them by CDA Islamabad. Imagine sitting on the floor for three hours straight to study in the scorching heat of July. Is it that hard to set up a roof for them so that at least when it rains they don’t have to give up on their education?

According to the organizers, this was just one of many community events that are to come in the future. With sponsors like Roamer and collaborators like Change Makers Of Pakistan, they intend to play an active role in fighting child labor and creating an enabling environment for kids.

Ali Moeen, the CEO of Roamer said:

At Roamer we take our role as a member of Islamabad’s community seriously, and we are thrilled to be a part of an initiative that recognizes the achievements of an unsung hero like Master Ayub and more broadly looks to create positive change in our community.

For over eight years, Master Ayub has been walking among us without much recognition, and this event attempted to shed some light on his cause. A fire-fighter, Master Ayub has dedicated his life to educating the underprivileged children in F6, Islamabad.

He began teaching basic Urdu and English when he embarked on this mission with only one student who he would teach in the public park on Hill Road in F6. Now he teaches children of all ages and prepares them for Matriculation and FSC exams.

He teaches more than 200 students from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM six days a week. And most importantly, he charges nothing for his efforts.

Master Ayub explained his background and cause by saying:

I was a civil defense worker. when I came to Islamabad, I saw that a lot of children study in good schools and that made me happy. But on the other hand, I also met children who were financially crippled, they did not have cars, they could not buy expensive uniforms and they had to work to support their families, and that saddened me greatly. And I thought, they also have every right to go to good schools, to be educated. Even if they are in unfortunate circumstances. I had a dream, a dream of an educated Pakistan, and thankfully, I am on the right path.

His demeanor and conduct are that of an extremely humble man. If you ever get the chance to go to his school, you might not even recognize him. He is a man with a vision to empower the underprivileged and enable them to achieve wonders for their future.

The event was sponsored by Roamer, an Islamabad based car rental app that allows users to rent chauffeur driven cars by the hour for travel anywhere in Pakistan. Roamer is free for both iOS and Android users, you can download them from here: Android | iOS.

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