Atlas Honda Raises Prices for Bikes, New CB150F Variant Launched

Atlas Honda has once again decided to raise the prices of their bikes – not the first time that the local bike manufacturing giant has hiked the prices this year. The new prices have come into effect from 1st September 2019.

See the new prices below:

Model Retail Price
(Exclusive of Sales Tax)
Sales Tax
Retail Price
(Inclusive of Sales Tax)
(Red, Black)
64,017.09/- 10,882.91/- 74,900/-
CD70 Dream
(Red, Black, Silver)
67,435.90/- 11,464.10/- 78,900/-
(Red, Black)
86,752.14/- 14,747.86/- 101,500/-
(Red, Black)
106,410.26/- 18,085.74/- 124,500/-
CG-125 Self
(Red, Black)
125,555.55/- 21,344.44/- 146,900/-
CG-125 Self
(Special Edition, Red, Black)
127,264.96/- 21,635.04/- 148,900/-
(Red, Black, Blue)
145,726.50/- 24,773.50/- 170,500/-
(Special Edition, Red, Black)
147,435.90/- 25,064.10/- 172,500/-
(Red, Black, Silver)
179,059.83/- 30,440.17/- 209,500/-
(Red, Blue, Silver)
547,008.55/- 92,991.45/- 640,000/-


While the company has not given a reason behind the increase in prices, local dealers that talked to the media put it down to the devaluation of the rupee and the prevailing economic conditions.

The old price tags can be seen in the table below:

Model Prices
CD70 PKR 73,900
CD70 DREAM PKR 77,900
PRIDOR PKR 100,500
CG-125 PKR 123,500
CG-125 SELF(SPECIAL) PKR 144,900
CB 125F PKR 168,500
CB 150F PKR 205,500
CB 250F No Change


Furthermore, Honda has unveiled the CB 150F with new visuals for its consumers in the country. The pictures can be seen below:

  • I was interested to buy CB150F but now i realised it’s out of my range….. Now m blaming myself why i sold my deluxe 125??

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