Players Will Earn Millions of Rupees Under PCB’s New Domestic Structure

Despite a reduction in the number of teams, leading to a lesser number of matches in the reformed domestic structure, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will inject over Rs. 1 billion this season.

A heavy chunk from it has been allocated for the welfare of players by providing them unprecedented remunerations, based on enhanced retainers, match-fees, allowances, and prize money which can bring a spike of more than Rs. 2 million in a player’s bank statement over the course of the upcoming season.

As per the new model, the six Cricket Associations will provide year-long contracts to 32 players each to provide them a stable income. The 192 contracted players will earn Rs. 600,000 per annum on the basis of Rs. 50,000 monthly retainers.

A domestic player who plays all three formats will be able to earn over Rs. 5 million in a single domestic season.

Previously, the regional cricketers at the first-class level were solely reliant on the match-fees.

The PCB, this season, has also bettered their per match remunerations. For a better understanding, a breakdown is provided below:


Season 2019-20

Season 2018-19

Quaid-e-Azam Trophy (first-class)

Playing XI: 75,000

Non-Playing XI: 30,000

Playing XI: 50,000

Non-Playing XI: 12,000

Pakistan Cup One-Day Tournament

Playing XI: 40,000

Non-Playing XI: 16,000

Playing XI: 35,000

Non-Playing XI: 8,750

National T20 Cup

Playing XI: 40,000

Non-Playing XI: 16,000

Playing XI: 30,000

Non-Playing XI: 7,500

*All figures in Rs.

The players turning out for the Cricket Associations’ second XIs, U19s, and city cricket associations will also see a rapid surge in their earnings.

Breakdown of match-fee for second XI sides

Season 2019-20

Season 2018-19

Non first-class tournament

Playing XI: 30,000

Non-Playing XI: 12,000

Playing XI: 8,000

Non-Playing XI: 2,000

One-Day Cup

Playing XI: 15,000

Non-Playing XI: 6,000

T20 Cup

Playing XI: 15,000

Non-Playing XI: 6,000

*All figures in Rs.

Breakdown of match-fee for U19 sides

Playing XI

Non-Playing XI







*All figures in Rs.

The 32 contracted players will also receive daily allowances, along with bed and breakfast in shape of three and four-star accommodations, lunches at the venues and economy-class flights (when traveling inter-province).

The prize money for the domestic events has also been increased manifold. The winning prize money for the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy has been increased by 233 per cent, whereas there has been a surge of 150 and 100 per cent in the prize money of Pakistan Cup and National T20 Cup.

The winners of the country’s premier first-class tournament, Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, will be awarded Rs. 10million and the runner-up will get Rs. 5million. Another Rs. 5million will be handed out to tournament’s top-performers and the man-of-the-final will take Rs. 50,000 home.

The winners of the Pakistan Cup One-Day Tournament and the National T20 Cup will get Rs. 5million, and the runner-up will bag half of it. The man-of-the-final for both tournaments will be awarded Rs. 35,000.

The top-performers for the apex one-day tournament will get a share from the pool of Rs. 250,000. For the T20 tournament, it would be from Rs. 100,000.

PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said:

The new structure along with enhancing the quality of cricket at the first-class level is designed to improve the earning levels of our domestic cricketers.


It is alarming that for such a long time the cricketers at this level were deprived of the income that they rightfully deserve. Our aim is to develop cricket as a career-option for the young and upcoming cricketers. The PCB, along with a focus on first-class players, wants the players at the lower rungs of the structure to take decent earnings home.


I am hopeful that this increase in the income levels will not only encourage the cricketers at the periphery to work hard, but will also attract new players to the game.

Sports Analyst & Head of Sports Desk.

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