Alert: Do Not Install The Latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 has been synonymous with problems. Since its release back in 2015, the OS was mired by issues like not being able to delay/stop Windows updates, issues with games, etc.

Thankfully, Microsoft managed to fix some of those problems over the years, however, they’ve also broken Windows 10 with some of the updates.

Major Problem

One such update was issued recently under the codename KB4512941. It was supposed to fix a host of problems with previous updates but it comes with a nasty surprise.

Users that have installed this update report that CPU usage has been spiking up to 40% randomly. This will not only slow down your PC/laptop massively it can also cause crashes in games or apps.

No Response From Microsoft

The problem has been acknowledged by Microsoft on Twitter but they haven’t posted anything about it on their official website with a lot of users installing the update on their device without knowing that the update is bugged

Microsoft has only issued one statement in wake of the situation, saying, “Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update”. Many users are asking Microsoft to either fix the problem or stop issuing the update to other users but the company hasn’t done anything yet.

According to Forbes, the update was beta tested with 10 million Windows Insiders and the problem was raised at the time, but no action was taken by Microsoft.

Temporary Fix

For those of you that have already installed the update, you can go back to the previous version using this temporary fix:

To uninstall the update, go to the Start Menu, click on Settings, then go to > “Update and Security” > “View Update History” >“Uninstall Updates” > “KB4512941” > “Uninstall.”

If you haven’t installed the update yet, head to Update and Security, click on Windows Update, Advanced Options, Pause updates.

    • Just uninstall this update. Windows will be back normal In sha Allah. I did the same and Alhamdulillah Windows working fine now.

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