Cabinet Division Solves the Electric Vehicle Policy Dispute

The Cabinet Division had to step in to settle a row between two ministries over a mandate of formulating the Electrical Vehicle Policy.

The Ministry of Industries and Production had challenged the mandate of Climate Change ministry, saying that the latter cannot formulate industry-related policy.

The Ministry of Industries then formed a committee to create its own Electrical Vehicle Policy.

The committee includes members from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Climate Change, Federal Board of Revenue, Board of Investment, Engineering Development Board, and Ministry of Industries and Production.

The Cabinet Division had mentioned that under schedule -11 of the Rule of Business, the federal government’s functions of ‘National Industrial Planning and Coordination’ and ‘Industrial Policy’ are allocated to Ministry of Industries and Production and that the Ministry of Climate Change has no role in it.

But, the Climate Change Division had prepared the initial draft of the policy and submitted it to the cabinet for approval. The cabinet division returned the draft saying that the issue does not fall under climate change ministry.

However, the Production Division was directed to take consultation with Climate Change Division while formulating a policy to make sure that it meets international environmental standards.

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