Honda Pakistan Launches A Limited Time Offer for All Its Vehicles

Honda Pakistan is offering a time-limited special deal on all its models which can be availed throughout the month of September (from 1st September to 30th September).

Honda had launched this offer to mark its 25 years of vehicle production in Pakistan. The company, in this regard, has issued a notification which has been sent to its authorized dealerships in which Honda has thanked them for their tireless efforts in helping make the brand a success in the country.

The notification also details the limited-time special offers by the company which are as follows:

Variants HACPL Customer Offer
Civic NR Leather + Extended Warranty (for 1 year i.e. 3rd year)
Civic Oriel Leather + Extended Warranty (for 1 year i.e. 3rd year)
Civic Turbo Extended Warranty (for 1 year i.e. 3rd year)
BRV Extended Warranty (for 1 year i.e. 3rd year)
City 1.3L Navigation
City 1.5L Navigation
City Aspire Modulo kit (limited without trunk spoiler)


According to the letter, the company has increased the warranty for the 3rd year for free on its Honda Civic 1.5L RS Turbo and the 1.8L variants along with leather seats. Usually, Honda offers a 2-year or 50,000Km (whichever comes first) warranty.

The Honda City is being offered with a free navigation system in both the 1.3L and 1.5L variants. The Honda BR-V has also sees its warranty extended by a year.

All these offers are limited-time and can only be availed from 1st to 30th September 2019.

Buyers need to visit the nearest Honda dealership to benefit from this offer and Honda has directed all its outlets to advertise these deals to increase consumer awareness.

  • This isn’t because of 25 Year celebration, it’s because of all the unsold stock which people can’t buy due to insane prices.

  • In past, they never celebrated the anniversary and offered such deals but only this time due to their lower sales.
    Lower sale iss liye nae ke loug samajdar hu gaye hain, this is because now all the products are behold their reach.

  • Brother….gift me one car for free… Plz
    I think gifting one car will not be that much loss for company….
    I m in crisis these days…

  • Sale gimmick where are the safety features what about price reductions. Bully loot program is over for local manufacturers.

  • They should launch 0% markup on installments, maybe, this gives some results otherwise I’m agreed to every brother who has commented. Thanks.

  • Beware !! Japanese are ripping off Pakistani costumers with local fraudsters.
    They are selling low quality, unsafe vehicles with the most expensive price tags?

  • Due to very high prices of car people cannot able to purchase it especially Honda & Toyota and very soon you will see they will wind up there plants from Pakistan in this scenario Suzuki will be the winner because due to their low prices and good quality vehicle.

  • ? This will Inshallah do nothing for stagnated sales . If they bring the prices down and stop fleecing the poor pakistani customers then maybe the units will start selling again . ?

  • The offer by Honda is too good to be true!
    I agree with the overall comments given by majority customers . After my today’s morning visit to the Honda Centre at Peshawar Road , I felt embarrassed when I enquired about their latest offer being provided to all the valuable Honda customers . At first they simply gave a blank look as if they don’t know anything , on passing the details to them about their offer they then claim that the offer was limited therefore it’s been a week since the offer has finished ! When I argued that the offer is valid till the end of September 2019, The warranty Asst Manager jots down number of a vendor & hands it over to me , knowingly that the vendor is the supplier of the items & hasn’t got to do with this offer or neither
    is responsible .
    Dear customers don’t waste your time pls !
    Honda walay na sirf chor heh they are bloody liars they only know how to rob you! They deserve all above comments .

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