Self Management Training for Persons with Disabilities Launched in Pakistan

National Incubation Center has launched a “Self-management Training Program” for persons with disabilities in collaboration with SMT. The event was held in Islamabad on Friday, 6th September.

Self-Management Training (SMT) is a startup run by a physically challenged woman, Romela Hameed, who is the CEO and founder of Impact HR Pvt Ltd and SMT. She teaches differently-abled persons about self-management to improve their personal and social lives.

The purpose of the event was to encourage the use of technology and to empower differently-abled people with self-management skills, health care facilities, and equal employment opportunities. The aim was to make them feel valued and to help them realize that they deserve just as much as other members of society.

SMT (Self-management training) will help participants achieve quality-of-life goals and make healthy behavioral changes. Differently-abled persons have unique needs that can be addressed by reducing health care disparities, which will increase their self-esteem and social stature.

This event was designed according to the needs of the disabled community. The guests came from different walks of life and attended the event to teach the attendees how to solve their own health issues and to speed up recovery. The guests also talked about how disabled people can live independently by sharing their views on job opportunities and entrepreneurial skills.

The event had three different panels:

  • The first-panel consisted of health experts: doctors, psychologists, and physiotherapists.
  • The second-panel included leadership and business experts, digital skills trainers and special education experts.
  • The third panel shared success stories of people dealing with or having successfully dealt with disabilities.

One of the chief guests was Mr. Zohair Khalid co-founder of Team Up from National Incubation Center, and Nafeesa Khan Khattak, a senior PTI leader from KPK. With the help of SMT, she wishes to become the voice of the marginalized and neglected people in Pakistan.

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