Only PIA Brings Deceased Pakistanis Home at Zero Cost!

Coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and in the midst of dealing with the flood of emotions, if you have to worry about logistics and finances of bringing your deceased loved one back home, it’s a nightmare.

In this difficult time, you don’t have many people around to help you. Pakistan International Airline is one of the few you can rely on during such times. It is the only airline that brings back your deceased loved ones home, at no cost.

When going gets tough the national flag carrier is there to support you. Its long-standing tradition of helping people in their hour of need is evident from this service.

“This is Pakistan’s National Flag Carrier. Thank you, PIA, for this beautiful gesture.” Saqib Saleem

PIA has stepped up and brought deceased Pakistanis home while other airlines refused to provide the service or were charging atrocious amounts of money. Recently, Emirates asked for a hefty amount of money to bring back the body of a lady who had died in Medinah on her way back from Umrah. When her husband, Saqib Saleem, contacted the PIA ticket office for transporting the body, PIA came to the rescue and brought her home free of cost.

Losing a loved one in a foreign land is quite expensive, along with the logistical nightmare and endless paperwork involved which adds to the level of stress for the family.

PIA and its staff understand the sorrow and difficult time the families are going through when they lose a loved one. It is for this reason that they take no time to ease their worries and transport the body on a priority basis.

We are proud of this service!

Although the airline is facing challenges, it is meeting them head-on. Recent measures taken to improve the airline have resulted in expanding its network and high revenues. The increased efficiency and timeliness have ensured a better flying experience for many passengers.

  • I have seen PIA build Singapore Airlines and Emirates and has offered the best to us as we deserve.
    I salute PIA…
    It’s too bad that we as a nation aren’t improving as people…

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