PIA to Start Multiple International Flights, Announces 15% Discount for Europe

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is starting direct flights from various national airports to multiple new international destinations.

PIA announced bi-weekly flights between Islamabad and Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, which are expected to start from October 14th. The airline has decided to launch direct flights between Peshawar-Madinah and Dammam.

Moreover, a bi-weekly direct flight from Sialkot to Kuwait is also starting on November 15.

Inside sources say all the arrangements have been made in this regard. The schedule for staff duty for these routes has also been finalized as well.

The new flight routes will be introduced after the procurement of two aircraft expected next month.

The national flag carrier is expecting sizeable revenue from these sectors and, therefore, intends to offer maximum facilities and perks to the passengers of these routes.

Furthermore, PIA has also announced a 15 percent discount in airfares for European routes. The reduced fare would be applicable on flights from Barcelona, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, and Milan to Islamabad.

    • Ahmed .It is safe and professional services PIA providing. please don’t scare people because of your political agenda.

  • And there’s no discount on fares from uk jus shaft the overseas Pakistani. PTI no difference to the rest uf them

  • I travelled to Pakistan in June to Karachi on PIA then to Islamabad, came back to Karachi, finally to London all on PIA. Alhamdullilah it was a lovely experience.

  • The aircraft’s are rented out from Turkish airline after the old aircrafts were grounded at Manchester airport, the staff is very rude and unprofessional. The prices are same as emarites and Etihad than why would you travel on PIA. Like one of above comments. Govt don’t care about overseas Pakistani. I use to send money via UBL now I use local man. So tough.

  • PIA is still the best despite all odds that it will overcome soon in sha Allah. Let’s encourage them to stand their feet again with pride.

  • Now PIA is growing masha Allah. There is any chance to start flight from Islamabad to Tashkent and Almaty or Astana (Kazakhstan)?

  • Best Airline to be once Again. Pia made Emirates no doubt there was corruption but now things are coming back to normal. Best of luck PIA I’ll always Travel with you ❤

  • PIA.is.great.airļline.if.staff.know.his.own.resposbality..this.airline.goes.up.n..up.i.worked.in.PIA.ABout.34years.n.i.know.aboit.65years.iňshallah.KIA.will.more.improve.infutureGod.bless.PIA

  • support of the national carrier is a must. The new management is working wonders with the same tools as the previous management and yet they are making a profit. I too fly with middle eastern carriers but this time ill be flying PIA . Yes they are not perfect give them a few years and theyll turn them aroumd insha allah .

  • I took PIA earlier this year Birmingham to Islamabed to Multan, after many years of using Emirates. There is a big difference in staff behaviour and punctuality. Aircraft was old, but that does not matter to me. It was a good experience. Flying again with PIA next month inshaAllah.

  • Very bad service and bad staff. I will not travel again at PIA. Untill its services equaled to other airlines.

  • PIA that was on the brink of bankruptcy only 16 months ago can not be rejuvenated over night. Politics aside there has been vast improvements over the last year, we as overseas Pakistanis need to support our national airline who have the best pilots in the world and inshallah in the coming years will be amongst the best airline too.

  • PIA is the pioneer in the airline history who brought up the several airlines upfront. It needs a merit based experts Team who can bring it up & up. It has strenth to become worlds best and # 1 airline.

  • In the meantime, the highly in demand Khi-London twice a week flights have been reduced to once a week for reasons best known to PIA management.

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