Audit Reveals That PIA Operated 46 Empty Flights in 2016-17

A recent report has revealed why the profit-making Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) went into loss during Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PML-N) government.

An audit report of the airline has pointed out that 46 flights from Islamabad airport were operated without a single passenger aboard during 2016-17. Due to this mismanagement, the national airline suffered a loss of Rs. 180 million.

Thirty-six empty flights were operated on Hajj and Umrah routes in one year. No inquiry was initiated despite several reminders and calls to attention, the report said.

The issue, tagged as “negligence” in the official documents, was swept under the carpet.

Due to mismanagement and corruption scandals, the national flag carrier faced the worst crisis in its history and was on the verge of privatization. The new administration had to fire at least 1000 employees, including hundreds of ghost employees, to cut the operational cost and keep PIA afloat.

  • So punish them why just announcing. No result will come out of this report aur audit karane ke paise alag gaye. Nothing will happen in this country. Elite perverts will keep looting the country and there will be no justice. Imran is also an elite pervert.

    • So you mean to say we should do nothing? Just sit and let it go on? Atleast by audit we know what has and is happening, these are first steps to betterment of Pakistan.

  • “Thirty-six empty flights were operated on Hajj and Umrah routes in one year” If you have a little sense than look at the other side you fool. I only agree with the last paragraph

    • 36 empty flights during hajj season?? These idiots don’t know during hajj season there is no passengers available from isb to jed even fm khi or lhr to jed. Bcoz its time haji’s are coming back. Who is the MF none professional auditor prepare the audit report and identify empty flights during hajj operation.

      • Only idiot is you here. This hajj season wasn’t the first hajj, before 2016-17 PIA didn’t took this much loss because corruption and negligence wasn’t this high.

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