India Should Approach PCB If They Want to Play a Series: Ehsan Mani

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani has claimed that Pakistan will not run after India to play a series with Pakistan.

Mani claimed that PCB is open to negotiating the details if BCCI is interested in facing Pakistan. However, BCCI has to approach PCB and not the other way around.

Speaking to media at Gadaffi Stadium on Tuesday, Mani said:

If India wants to play against us they should come and talk. I will not run after them to play a series against us.

Talking about the upcoming series against Sri Lanka on home soil, Mani claimed that he is hoping for the crowd to respond and turn up in numbers to support their national team.

Our players perform outside Pakistan and there are no crowds to cheer for them. The seats are empty which damages players’ motivation. I hope the scheduled series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka brings in many fans into the stadium. I hope they support both teams.

He further extended his gratitude towards the Sri Lankan board for agreeing to send their team to Pakistan despite the 2009 terrorist attack.

We should not forget that the Sri Lankan team was the target of a terrorist attack here ten years ago. The same team has now come back to Pakistan to support cricket in the country. I am grateful to the Sri Lanka Cricket board.

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  • Pakistan should not play with terrorists (indians) Who know if our team goes to india to play cricket and in returm they blow them up, as history taught us that suicide bombers were created by radical hindutwa terrorists.

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