iPhone 11 is Causing People Motion Sickness

Your eyes and the inner ear balance mechanisms send different signals to your brain. If they feel and send different signals at a time, the brain gets mixed signals. This confusion results in feelings similar to motion sickness.

Usually, if the viewfinder on your camera device has a certain amount of lag, it can cause motion sickness mainly because of the mixed signals reaching your brain. Many DSLR users have complained about the issue in the past, but none of the smartphone users have reported this issue.

However, Something similar was noticed by a renowned jailbreaker, Jay Freeman. He said that he felt nauseous whenever he used the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s camera. He thought it was due to the delayed preview but before claiming anything, he decided to test the phone’s viewfinder.

He tested his theory by using multiple iPhones to capture a running timer. The setup included an iPhone capturing the timer being captured by yet another iPhone, which sounds quite confusing.

This little experiment showcased that the iPhone 11 Pro Max running on iOS 13 comes with an additional lag of 50 -66ms, as compared to iPhone XS totaling to a lag of 166 ms since iPhone XS itself has a 100 ms lag. Turns out this amount of lag is just enough to make the users nauseous.

It is to be noted that iPhone XS runs on iOS 12.4 while the iPhone 11 Pro Max runs on iOS 13. Thus, we are unsure if the issue is caused by a software bug or has surfaced due to a hardware component.


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