TweetDeck Down For Users Around the World

Tweetdeck, the dashboard application for managing Twitter accounts, has been down since Tuesday evening.

Thousands of users from all over the world have been reporting performance issues, with many of them claiming that their dashboard was inaccessible. According to Outage Report, there are now almost 5000 reports complaining about the issue. These reports are originating from the US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and 80 more countries.

Attempting to login to Tweetdeck seems to be redirecting users to Twitter’s Mobile website. The outage has also hit regular users, who aren’t able to access their DMs anymore, and some are having issues adding extra stuff to their tweets such as images, videos, and polls.

Twitter says that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix and that “things should be back to normal soon”.

We at ProPakistani have looked into the issue as well and can confirm that it is all working fine on our end. Leave a comment if you are still experiencing issues with TweetDeck.

  • Hi ProPakistani Team,
    Please add a new column of “Schedule Tweets” to your TweetDeck and see the if the board is working fine.

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