Famous Muslim Scholar Praises PM Khan for Defending Islam at UNGA [Video]

Famous Muslim scholar, Maulana Ahmed Akoo, has praised Prime Minister Imran Khan’s impactful speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in the US.

Maulana Akoo released a video message yesterday which is being widely shared across social media platforms.

The South African religious scholar thanked Khan on behalf of the entire Muslim world for presenting a strong case for Muslims all over the world.

With his speech, he said, Imran Khan has touched the hearts of millions of Muslims across the globe.

Referring to his comments on the Hijab ban in some European countries, Maulana Ahmed lauded PM Khan for highlighting the plight of Muslim immigrants. He said that the speech had given him hope that the myth of ‘radical Islam’ will soon be debunked.

The bravest and the most courageous of actions that can be undertaken by a Muslim is when the word of truth is spoken against oppression and the opposition – and that is exactly what you [PM Imran] have done.

He also appreciated how well Imran Khan conveyed the ‘sensitivities of the Muslims’ to the western world.

Love, respect, and honor for the blessed Prophet (PBUH) is something that resides in the heart of every single believer.

At the end of the video, he invited PM Imran to visit South Africa.

  • aur karachi mein roz log mar rahe hain us ka credit be toh imran khan ko jata hai. aur na lago governor rule karachi mein.

    • WOW sane people still exist how is this possible? dude wat u say is right but problem ye hai awaam jaise hogi toh hukmaran be waise mille ge. PTI ke kitne log toh chor kar chale gaye. Us Naz Baloch ko he dekh loh.

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