Huawei’s Phones Will Run Harmony OS Alongside Android: Report

In the wake of the ongoing US-China trade war, Chinese tech giant Huawei has been looking at alternatives in case Google ever decides to permanently pull services and support.

A couple of months ago, Huawei introduced its own operating system called Harmony OS, which is supposed to be a replacement for Android. Harmony OS is currently powering TVs, wearables, smart accessories etc, but now it seems that Huawei is planning to soon power Smartphones with it as well.

According to recent reports, Huawei could start booting Harmony OS alongside Android in its existing devices with Dual Boot. This means that Harmony and Android will run side by side on the same device.

As of now, it is unclear which devices will be powered in this manner first, but Huawei CEO has confirmed that the P40 series will boot Harmony OS.

If this idea becomes a reality, the performance and compatibility of these Dual Boot smartphones will be the key factors for deciding whether these Huawei devices are worth buying or not.

The main underlying problem would still be the absence of Google Apps and Sevices on smartphones which is the major selling point for most.

It remains to be seen how Huawei will tackle this obstacle for their future devices.

  • If MICROSOFT couldn’t break the iron Android/iOS chains I don’t see this Chinese government sponsored OS being more than a tool for their own government officials and people’s use.

  • Unlike Microsoft, Huawei have over a billion people market at its disposal. Where, likes of Samsung and Apple are slowly dying. Leaving only Chinese OEMs in play. So they have far better chance of pulling this off. Any sane person who followed Edward Snowden revelations about NSA/US Deep State unchecked spying, would like to have an alternative, which breaks Americans hegemony in OS market as well.

    • I stopped reading at “slowly dying.”

      Clearly you’re not in touch with reality and are living in some fantasy world. Huawei is sponsored by Chinese govt and one of the reasons for their ban is that they were including Chinese govt’s spyware in their phones. Apple, on the other hand, fought a lengthy legal battle with FBI over not including spyware on its phones and won.

    • A billion users don’t mean anything. An OS needs proper 3rd party developer support. Microsoft’s Windows Phone was actually doing very well, it had tens of millions of users. But developers just weren’t willing to adopt it. Good luck in your fantasy land, Mr. BooBoo.

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