Intermediate Student Arrested for Cheating via Surgically Implanted Earpiece

An intermediate student from Pakpattan has been caught using a surgically implanted speaker in his ear to cheat in the examinations.

As per details, the arrested candidate, Mohammad Farooq, was attempting the Chemistry exam at the Government Higher Secondary School on Friday.

He was caught by the chairman of the Sahiwal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (SBISE), Hafiz Shafiq, who was on inspection duty.

While passing by the student in question, he heard a phone beep. Farooq, who had an unusual bandage wrapped around his neck and ear, was asked to stand up for checking.

Upon frisking Farooq, the invigulators found a headphone and speaker implanted in his ear and wires around his neck. The student also had a small mobile phone in his pocket.

During the interrogation, Farooq revealed that a local dispenser had implanted the device with the help of a few cuts around his ear and neck.

According to the SBISE controller, Dr. Fida, Farooq has been handed over to the city police, while the dispenser and his accomplice who helped him solve the paper on the phone have also been arrested.

  • Pakistan mein Deputy Superintendent hi khareed liye jatay hain…Lol

    Exam k liye Operation, i think not possible Fake NEWS…

    Drugs chupanay k liye zaror operation karwaye jatay hain…

  • If this news is real than it’s very important to notice that nowadays students are feeling so much pressure for the exam that they can go to any level for this as we all know 15 days back a student suicide for bad result . All this must be notice by parents especially and teachers as well and treat there children always in humble way whether the exam result will come bad or good

  • And I request to Mr chairman pls give more chances to Muhammed farooque ,he must be doing all in a intense pressure ,pls take it easy and treat him in a way that he by himself feel apology and stand up for his studies

  • The only reason to make country on prosperity track is to follow Merit with Zero Tolerance Policy.

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