Govt Dissolves PMDC to Establish Pakistan Medical Commission

The President of Pakistan has signed a new ordinance titled “Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019” essentially dissolving the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

The ordinance will start a new era of regulation and control of the medical profession by the establishment of uniform standards of medical education and training as well as recognition of qualifications in medicine and dentistry.

The government is thus temporarily shutting down the offices of PMDC. This will ensure the protection of the essential records and assets of PMDC. The offices will remain closed for one week.

Moreover, the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) through the Islamabad district administration and police has taken control of the PMDC building.

The new PMC will be a corporate body consisting of:

  1.  The Medical and Dental Council
  2. The National Medical and Dental Academic Board;
  3. The National Medical Authority, which will act as a Secretariat of the Commission.

According to details, PMC will be run by a nine-member body and the head of the commission will be the president.

The Government of Pakistan has acted immediately to protect the important records related to licensing and registration of all medical and dental practitioners in Pakistan as well as the records of medical and dental educational institutions in view of the approval of the new Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance.

The new Medical Commission is expected to start operations within a week. The inconvenience caused to practitioners and others is regretted however, it was essential to protect the original records and assets of PMDC, said a press release by the government.

In order to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to ongoing medical and dental admissions, the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination will be taking necessary steps immediately for the supervision and overseeing of the admission process to ensure that it is properly completed, said a statement by the government.

However, the representative body of doctors, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), has termed the decision undemocratic and appealed to political parties to reject the presidential ordinance.

It is worth mentioning that PMDC had been facing a number of issues, with over a decade successive governments trying to get control of the council.

  • Excellent step. Get rid of this incompetent authority, which only encourage protests on the value of patients’ lifes

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