DG ISPR Slams India for Backing Out When It Came to Proving Their Claims

The Indian government is synonymous with propaganda.

From the surgical strikes to the Pulwama incident, post-Pulwama stand-off and all the bogus claims, getting humiliated over and over again is becoming a habit for the Indian authorities.

To add to it, the Indian army is now claiming to have destroyed terror camps on the Pakistani side of Kashmir. While the Pakistani Army gave the exact number of Indian soldiers killed and the video of the white flag has also made rounds on social media, the Indian Army has failed to share any evidence of its strikes.

To debunk the enemy’s claims, the media wing of Pakistan Army and the Foreign Office had invited the Indian High Commission and other foreign diplomats to visit the Line of Control and assess the ground situation.

The team of diplomats has reached the LoC, however, no one from the Indian High Commission has had the moral courage to stand with their Army’s claims, which is the reason why they haven’t gone to the alleged terror sites in Kashmir.

DG ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor has slammed the Indian High Commission for not standing with the Indian Army.

What good Indian High Commission is which can’t stand with its Army Chief? Indian High Commission staff didn’t have the moral courage to accompany fellow diplomats in Pakistan to LOC. However, a group of foreign diplomats & media is on the way to LOC to see the truth on the ground.

He tweeted this earlier on Tuesday.

Pakistan has been openly inviting the foreign diplomats and media to see the ground reality in Kashmir. However, India has ensured an information blackout in the occupied Kashmir for over 75 days now.

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