Here’s Why FindMyAdventure is The Easiest Way to Experience Pakistan

There was a time when numerous areas in our country, such as Moola Chotak in Balochistan and Taubat in Kashmir, were unexplored. Pakistan’s typical tourist spots were Murree and Bhurban since traveling anywhere else was too much of a hassle. However, that’s no longer the case. As the world advances, so does the tourism industry in Pakistan.

FindMyAdventure’s sole job is to introduce the best of the best tours to travel enthusiasts.

Founded in 2016 by Husnain Habib Malik, Khawaja Raza Abbas, Komail Naqvi, Shozab Naqvi and Syed Haider Raza, FindMyAdventure (FMA) is one of Pakistan’s first online marketplaces which brings the best online travel deals under one platform.

What is FindMyAdventure?

As a trusted travel platform, FindMyAdventure connects our country’s vibrant culture and fascinating landscapes with anyone who wants a journey to remember.

Want to explore a city for a day? FMA knows the best spots to visit. Need to feel beach waves touch your feet? Your wish can be brought to life. Want to join an expedition to the northern areas of Pakistan? Well, FMA have you covered there too.

FMA is guaranteed to arrange the best tours around Pakistan. The website shows travel packages from 100+ top tour operators in the country. FMA also knows it’s not easy for you to trust just any tourist agency, hence, the platform performs a background check of travel operators to ensure you and your family are in safe hands.

You no longer need to call tons of agencies to find the best vacation package. By just logging on to FMA website, you enter Pakistan’s travel universe which gives you access to numerous travel itineraries. FMA has already served 10,000+ customers who can vouch for the quality of services provided by FMA’s tour agencies.

Using FMA, you can not only search and book different types of tours and trips, but you can also compare the diverse packages available in order to select a travel experience of a lifetime. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy on your pocket!

Here are the two types of trips available:

  • Group trips: You can book a pre-arranged tour with a group of travel enthusiasts who want to explore Pakistan. This kind of tour will take you to the most popular destinations in any area you visit. The group tour packages also serve the purpose of connecting people from all walks of life as you experience different cultures and mountain ranges. Group adventure trips cost less and are perfect if you are on a budget!

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  • Customized trips: If you’re not comfortable interacting with a group of strangers or planning a family vacation FMA can help you plan a trip with the people you want to travel with. With FMA, you can modify your adventure tour by customizing a trip to different parts of the country. This includes choosing the exact number of days you want to travel, the city you want to visit, etc. The plus point is, you get to set your own budget. Yes, you can either choose cheap packages or go premium in case you prefer the luxury of four-star hotels.

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Features of a Basic Trip

A trip includes everything required to make your adventure effortless. The tour you book will comprise of the transport, accommodation, meals, a guide and first-aid kits.

With these major worries out of your hair, all you need to do is pack! Furthermore, your group will also be accompanied by a tour guide who will make sure you don’t end up missing ethereal cultural, historic and scenic spots.

FMA as a Guide Network

In case you’re sure which place in Pakistan is a cultural mine? Just give FMA a call and their team of professionals will guide you to locations you have always wanted to visit. Apart from supervision over the phone, these experts also assign you travel guides that aid in sightseeing throughout the trip.

Trekking guides: FindMyAdventure will also link you to guides who can help you in extensive trekking expeditions to areas such as the K2 base camp and Fairy Meadows in Hunza.

City tour guide: Too busy to go on a vacation? Don’t worry, there are ample locations within the city that give life to South Asia’s bright history. For instance, the Empress market in Karachi is a great landmark from the British Raj, whereas Taxila, near Islamabad, is an archeological site historians all over the world often travel to. Just leave it to our guide to help you explore the culture and history of the city.

Why Choose FindMyAdventure?

FMA is a one-stop solution to all your travel problems. You have the entire Pakistan to travel and we can help you reach more than 200 locations within the country.

FMA also offers travel insurance for accidents and other emergency situations while you are off traveling.

5 Steps That Lead to the Perfect Adventure

  • Log on to the website
  • Search for the area in Pakistan you have always wanted to visit.
  • Choose a package available on the website.
  • Pay online through bank transfer or a credit card. You also have the option of dropping by the FMA office to pay for your trip or request a cash on delivery so FMA can send a rider to receive the payment.
  • Sit back and enjoy your trip.

  • Hope more similar services keep coming up. And impartial reviews like this will only help them improve.

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