USF Awards Broadband Expansion Contracts to Jazz & Telenor

The Board of Directors (BoD) of Universal Service Fund Company (USF Co), on Friday, awarded three contracts with a subsidy of Rs 1.77 billion to Telenor Pakistan and Jazz under Next Generation Broadband for Sustainable Development (NGBSD) program.


Federal Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui chaired 67th meeting of the Board of Directors (BoD) of Universal Service Fund Company (USF Co) on Friday.

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Maj Gen (R) Amir Azeem Bajwa was also present in the meeting.

The Board approved to award the contracts to Telenor Pakistan for Tharparkar and Malir Lots at Rs 1.2 billion and to PMCL (Jazz) for DG Khan Lot at Rs 500 million under NGBSD program.

Tharparkar Lot is a desert and has the lowest human development index in Sindh and this project will give a major boost in generating economic activity in the area. Similarly, Malir is one of the remotest areas in Karachi pockets and Hi-speed broadband connectivity will provide access to its residents who unfortunately could not benefit from these services earlier.

Moreover, Southern Punjab comprises one of the most deprived areas in the country, but the NG-BSD project will now empower the locals and will make their lives better. Through these projects 1.8 Million population in Tharparkar (Districts of Mirpur Khas and Tharparkar and 462 mauzas; area of 20,149 sq/kms ), around 11,000 in Malir (26 mauzas, area of 844 sq/kms) and 1.17 million people in DG Khan (Districts of DG Khan and Layyah and 819 mauzas; area of 12,174 sq/kms) will benefit.

During the meeting, Chairman of the board/Secretary IT was of the view that these projects were integral in betterment of areas in Southern Punjab and interior Sindh. He added that these projects will play a vital role in providing e-services that involve better access to education and healthcare facilities. He further said that the NG-BSD program is going to make a huge contribution in the socio-economic development of Pakistan and in improving the lives of citizens of the country.

USF Management also informed the board about Optic Fiber Cable to Union Councils program. Chairman of the Board/Secretary IT and Board Members stressed the need of providing optic fiber for better access to ICT services in the country and also directed USF Co. to expedite the process for implementation of Optic Fiber to Union Councils Programme.


They also added that Optic Fiber connectivity is essential for bridging the digital divide in Pakistan and is considered a digital highway across the globe for paving the way to provide ICT services. Moreover, Optic Fiber opens the avenues for access to digital apps and guarantees their maximum utilization. Board Members emphasized on its importance and gave directions for sound and efficient implementation of this programme.

Officials revealed that USF has around Rs 35 billion in balance and spent Rs 56.013 billion during the last over ten years for the expansion of telecommunication services to the under-served and un-served areas of the country.

Shabahat Ali Shah, CEO-NITB; Irfan Wahab, CEO-Telenor Cluster Head for Emerging Asia and Nominee of Mobile Cellular Operators; Imran Akhtar Shah, VP for Government Sales, Super Net Pvt Ltd and Nominee of Data Licensees; Rashid Khan, CEO PTCL and Nominee of Fixed Line Operators; Kaukab Iqbal, Chairman, Consumer Association of Pakistan and Nominee of Consumer Group and management of USF Co. attended the meeting.


  • Compliments the Honorable Secretary MOIT chair 67th meeting of the (BOD) of USF Company with Chairperson PTA.
    The NG-BSD program is a major achievement towards the Digitalisation of Pakistan, for the Enablement of (PWD), literacy. The USF Management achievement about OFC to UC’s program.
    The Chairperson of the Board/Secretary IT board members needed provisioning/accessition of OFC to UC program.
    Suggest please consider the nomination of CCP (The Competition Pakistan Authority be invited as the authentic Federal Authority with expertise/knowledge of I/UN to assist a new NG-BSD program after the de-regulation of telecom sector with Landing Rights of Under sea cable for enablement of NG-BSD.
    The MOIT NG-BSD program will change the approach of the country revolutionising and substituting the equivalence of 5G on OFC under your patronage in Pakistan.
    Suggest NG BSD program should also be extended from Malir Urban to Karachi where a huge vacum lies to the strengthening of OFC network provide level playing field to PTCL for new players be licensed for FTTH/G-Pon in Karachi.
    The NG-BSD program will strengthen the “Climate Change” compliance to OFC network, which has been adhered, to control for Road Traffic Signalling, Avoid Accidents, Traffic Jams, Collect Peak Time traffic toll charges, prioritise emergency services ambulance, public transport, bus. Centrally managed control traffic violations and tickets for a centrally located place, all these are bundled in NG-BSD at every corner of Pakistan.

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