Kuwait Airways to Resume Flights to Karachi After 19 Years

Kuwait Airways is keen to resume its weekly flight from the capital of Kuwait to Karachi. There is an immense potential for the airline to grab a share of the market in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi.

In early 2000, the airline had discontinued its flight operations in Karachi when its office situated in Sheraton Hotel (now Movenpick Hotel) was destroyed by a bomb blast. It had suspended its operations in Pakistan but later it resumed its flights to Lahore and Islamabad from its capital.

There are over 100,000 Pakistanis living in different cities of Kuwait, constituting the 6th largest population of a foreign country located in a Gulf region. The resumption of flight operations in Karachi will not only facilitate the expatriate Pakistanis in Kuwait but it will provide the opportunity to enhance the trade between the two countries.

Over the past one and half years, foreign airlines have shown their interest to kick start their operations in Pakistan. Some airlines have already increased their flights’ frequency in different cities whilst one renowned airline has also resumed their operations in Pakistan after a gap of many years.

The expansion of airline operations in Pakistan is set to intensify competition among foreign and local airlines, which will induce benefits to the customers in terms of the quality of services and fares. On the other hand, the growth in aviation industry will also support its related industry particularly commerce and tourism in Pakistan.

  • Kuwait has one city called Kuwait city that is all. The Pakistanis are spread among the various Governorates not cities. The airport is not in the capital but is instead 15.5KM away inside the Farwaniya Governorate in the Jaleeb ul Shuwaik. Please do a bit of research on Google you can find the info at your fingertips.
    How do I know this all? Because I lived there for the past 26 Years.

  • RIP PIA. They couldn’t make a profit when there were fewer competitors so there’s no chance of it happening now. At some point their suppliers will stop supplying them with fuel and airplane parts on credit and they will have to halt operations. Govt. will keep paying their employees for years without making them work just like PSM! It takes private sector companies saying enough is enough for our public sector zombies to stop operating. The government is loathe to make any hard decisions.

  • SMQ & MOFA at it’s best for reinstatement of good relations with rest of the world. IK vision of revival of Pakistan Foreign Policy turned realistic by adopting proactive and pragmatic approach in its foreign relations that’s helped the country to stage a diplomatic comeback at regional and global levels by transforming post 9/11 Challenges into opportunities.

  • The real benefit which can come from Kuwait is once they start hiring Pakistanis which they had stopped few years back. A special quota for Pakistanis will help in this regard.

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