Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Pakistan’s Largest Ever Scholarship Program

Prime Minister, Imran Khan has launched the ‘largest ever needs-based undergraduate scholarship program in the history of Pakistan’ under the Ehsaas program.

The vision behind the 200,000 scholarships over the next 4 years is human capital development. 50% of the scholarships are reserved for female students.

During the launch ceremony, Imran Khan said that a lack of education and employment opportunities drive youth towards crime.

Under the program, 50,000 scholarships will be awarded to deserving students with a special focus on disadvantaged areas of the country. The scholarships awarded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) will be applicable in both public and participating private sector universities and colleges.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is 10th December 2019. According to the reports, the scholarship covers tuition fees and stipend for high-achievers from low-income families.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship program are listed below:

  • These undergraduate scholarships are applicable to the public sector and the participating non-profit private sector colleges and universities
  • Students admitted on merit at any public sector university
  • Family income should be below the poverty threshold

How to Apply

Follow the following steps to apply for Ehsaas Scholarship Program:

  • Apply online at HEC’s portal for Ehsaas scholarship
  • Submit duly filled forms at the Financial Aid Office of the respective university
  • Applications sent directly to HEC or BISP will not be entertained

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Feature Writer

  • Well, It would be good if Good able to provide free distance learning up to Msc or 16 years education to every student of Pakistan. This initiative is cheap, effective, affordable. This step can revolutionize the education system of Pakistan. Bring win-win opportunities to middle class working student.

  • I am paying tax from my salary. I have build myself on my own. I strived very hard to become professional software engineer. It takes blood to build my career. I have not received any support from govt but still I am forced to pay taxes. At least, PM IK is doing something for underprivileged youth. Thank you IK. You have done a great job. People are suffering.I think via transparency it can bring a change in our nation. A very famous quote is this If you want a fruit then plant a tree now. because it takes 20 years for a tree to bear fruit. and If you want a build nation then educate. It takes a century for nation to bear fruits but just like tree example. Education will change the destiny of a nation forever.

    • What is new in it?. They have renamed the existing scholarship program of Punjab and Federal. PEEF was infact giving scholarships to more than 70 K students and now it is reduced to 50 K. This is cheating and renaming and nothing else.

      • your allegation are baseless until supported by evidence. please refer when you want to prove something about something.

        • So Here it is:

          PEEF will come to an end and will be merged with Ehsaas in the near future according to the visionary cheating of PTI. PEEF was giving more than 300,000 scholarships and the previous govt was not even publicizing it.

        • He did name his evidence. Google PEEF and other federal scholarships in Pakistan and you’ll see that there were already plenty of scholarships being given to underprivileged students. This is nothing new, just another scheme that looks good on paper and thus it is being copied from existing initiatives.

        • On the other hand, you have offered zero evidence and can’t even state your quotes correctly. Here it is for your information:

          “A man who plants a tree knowing that he’ll never sit in its shade has started to understand the meaning of life.”

    • Dear all tax payers should ask for somesort of relief to themselves. The amount a software engineer pays every month is a decent total to pay either some bills, fee for kids or monthly grocery bill. I hear all about making it easy to pay taxes but what are they giving in return? Any social security? At least set a special line at hospitals, some concession at GOVT education facilities if they can’t do anything else.

  • the HEC scholarships which were there since years were withdrawn and this lollipop with extreme conditions is given. Yuhoodi ex Damaad chalaak kitna hai

  • This program was already running under the previous govt by the name of PEEF in Punjab and by other names in other provinces. PTI’s tradition of claiming others’ projects with new names continues!

  • So another credit theft by the Team of Imran Khan?. They have renamed HEC Scholarships and PEEF ( Punjab Endowment Education Fund) and named it under Imran Khan’s program.
    PTI has no shame whatsoever. They are liars and cheaters of the highest kind.

  • Good step.But how the Pakistani students abroad get benefits from this scholarship program?

  • its a nice effort taken by captain. but i want as that i submitted my form but there is some mistakes which i committed in my form but I don’t how to correct them after submitting my form. can any one help me??????

  • close