Pakistan Forces Foreign Army Aircraft to Leave Pakistani Airspace

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)’s air traffic controller has forced a US military aircraft to evict Pakistan airspace, which had entered without permission.

The plane was intercepted as soon as it entered Pakistan airspace near Karachi. Air traffic control contacted the pilot and asked him to produce the permission letter and the flight code.


Pakistani Air Traffic Controller Saves India-Oman Flight from Disaster

Upon refusal, the pilot was forced to leave the country’s airspace. The CAA has taken up the matter of airspace violations with higher authorities.

The incident has happened days after an international flight en route to Muscat from India was safely directed out of a severe weather pattern by an air traffic controller.

The flight that flew from Jaipur to Muscat late on Thursday got stuck in the middle of a weather pattern near Chor (Umarkot district of Sindh).

  • The aricraft shown in the picture cannot be detected by any Radar that Pakistan operates…Load of BS

    • Actually I suspect it was Israeli, not USA, as Israel has a base in Oman, not USA.
      You will soon read a denial by Pakistani “authorities” that no American aircraft tried to intrude — which would be 100% true, since it was an Israeli stealth F-35I, not American.
      Which is why CAA detected it before PAF, and needed to “escalate” before PAF scrambled its jets.
      Because stealth could possibly be detected by the older CAA radars, but not newer military radars.
      All of the above is conjecture obviously, as we may never know the truth.

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