Satellite Imagery Reveals Pakistan’s JY-27A Radar That Can Detect Stealth Jets

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A US-based defense weekly, Jane’s 360 has revealed that Pakistan now possesses a state-of-the-art radar system.

The defense analysts have identified a JY-27A counter-very-low-observable (CVLO) radar at Mianwali Air Base of Pakistan Air Force. In imagery from 29th August this year, it has been revealed that the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) manufactured radar.

The jamming-resistant and highly mobile VHF radar uses an active phased array antenna capable of detecting stealth aircraft like F-22 from a distance of 500 km.

According to the details, the 3-D long-range air surveillance and guidance radar was not fully operational as of 2nd September, however, it had arrived only between 5th June and 29th August.

It is worth mentioning that the news of the JY-27A’s acquisition hasn’t been made public, however, there have been reports about Pakistan’s desire to import advanced Chinese surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems.

The Pakistan Air Force has been actively working on increasing its arsenal especially after the staged Pulwama incident which led to an aerial faceoff between Pakistan and India.

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      • بھائی آپ کا حال ویسا ہے جیسا بندر کے ہاتھ ماچس دے دی جائے، ضروری نہیں ہوتا کہ ہر بات پر کے جواب میں بنا علم کے اپنی قابلیت جھاڑنے کی کوشش میں اچھی خاصی عزت کروا لی جائے

    • use your dumb brain to read that equipment is recently delivered, abbot abad happened years ago……people like you are just dumb fools with no respect to the country.

    • Bhai Abbotabad incident mein Zardari ne bhi kaafi zalalat ka muzahira kartay huay Pakistan Air Force ko kuch bhi action lene se rok lia tha. Ab wo Saddar bhi tha… and ap confirm Noon League k ya PPP k supporter ho…

      • Kakay iss baat ka kia saboot hai k uss ne rook dia tha? Aur roka tha tou Pakistan mai konsa saddar ki maan kr ye ‘bahadur’ chaltay hain. Aur “action” ly kr kia paat lyna tha America ka wase.

        Wase ye “confirm” PPP ya Noon league tou tu ese kah raha hai jaisay RSS ki baat kr raha hai. Aur agar hai tou kia burri baat hai iss mai ye bata.

  • Fake news. It’s a ProPakistani magazine for god’s sake. Might as well claim that the radar picks up alien life form. If it was that powerful, Pakistan would have been able to stop India from bombing it’s villagers. Lol.

    • Let them rant and be happy. i remember the days when the Pak Rdio was announcing he imminent fall of Delhi in 1971. I was in Karachi at that time. People were distributing sweets and patakas were goin off. Then came the correction – sorry it is NOT Dilli but Dacca where AAK Niazi uncle of Imran Khan Niazi with 100000 troops surrendered to 3000 Indian soldiers because 30 pak soldiers = 1 Indian Jawan. A jew Major General Jacob walked into Niazi’s bunker and he peed.

      Thn do not forget Phillora, Asal Uttar, Longewala etc etc. They are just boosting their moral by saying they are powerful LOL

      • ڈھاکہ فال میں انڈیین آرمی کا کوی کما ل نہیں تھا یہ تو بھٹو کو دعایئں دیںں جسکی وجہ انڈیا کو واحد خوشئ ملی ورنہ ھر فرنٹ ان کے فوجیوں کی پینٹیں گیلی ھوی ھیں اور جان بھیک مانگتے نظر آے ھیں بھکاری سالے

      • But then what happened in February 2019 to India?

        I wish to see that day when 3000 Indian soldiers will make 100K surrender without muktibahni like conspiracy in Dhaka. But I don’t see it coming because Indians are coward by nature, you should accept fault in God’s making.

    • بیٹا جگتوں کے لئے تھیئٹر کمپنی جوائن کرو، ڈیفنس جیسے سبجیکٹ کو پروفیشنلز اور پاکستانی افواج کے لئے رہنے دو۔ اور اگر کچھ کرنا ہی ہے تو اپنی استطاعت سے مطابق کام کرو، جیسا کہ موت کے کنویں کے باہر ناچ لو۔

    • So do you think BBC, CNN etc are more precious and accurate? If you have even slightly seen this post, the author has clearly referenced Janes 360. wada aya genius…

  • How many seconds will this radar surviv in the case of hostility against the coalition of the willing being formed under Indi-US leadership to denuclearize and demilitarize pakistan? Brahmos will finish this in milliseconds. In fact when the shock and awr first round is finished what will remain of Pakistan?

  • R u kidding me ??? That radar can detect F-22?? Who r u fooling ??? The Americans spend $1Tn on that project developing F-22 stealth fighter jet & u r saying ur made in china hardware is capable of detecting it. Even if it is capable of detecting it why wud the Chinese give to u?? Ur airforce was unable to detect a Mirage 2000 in Feb 2019 which entered 70 kms inside Ur territory in balakot & bombed the shit out of Ur terrorists.

    • Americans if were so happy with F22 then why did they brought on F35? use logic to prove your point. And by the way, never ever underestimate anyone. Who knows what treasures might be lying under a dust… it needs common sense to realize the failure of US based technologies in Afghanistan. And you seem to have no common sense.

      • F-22 is a fifth generation fighter jet in true sense of the term. No country could produce a fifth gen. fighter jet matching the power of F-22 up till now. But it is too much expensive. At its cost several F-35 may be produced.

        • Yes, agreed but remember one thing no technology in the world is forever
          dominant sooner or later it is bound to become obsolete.

          • Actually, US Air Force could not use it for high cost. Obsolescence comes with the lapse of time. They produced but could not use it for high cost not that it has become obsolete. A F-22 can combat 5 Rafales at a time. So think of it’s power.

            • Dont you think the obsolescence of F22 has occured way too early! F16s are still flying. There are 1001 videos on F22s on YouTube, made by Americans themselves, where many many technical failures of F22 could be seen. The point is never underestimate anyone. yea, one could say that F22 was stepping stone and and bypass version of F35 but still why did USA fail in Afghanistan?

  • It’s Chinese radar, you idiots. Not Pakistani. Your radar, your JF-17 fighters all are Chinese technology. Stop claiming our technology as yours.

    • سالے تو جاتی بھی کوشش کر لے، تو رہے گا بھارتی سالا صاحب ہی، بس فرق صرف اتنا ہے کبھی تیرا جیجا چینی ہوتا ہے کبھی پاکستانی، اور تو بھول بھی کیسے سکتا ہے ایک ہزار سال تک تو تیرا ایک ہی جیجا رہا اور وہ پاکستانی تھا

    • I’m guessing this is some Indian hater in disguise. If not haven’t seen such an ignorant Chinese who doesn’t even have the patience to read.

  • By the looks of it, it resembles the antenna of that of HAARP (the weather control weapon)

    • It’s Weather Antenna. You can search it by Image in Google. LOL ?
      So cheap mentality of our Muslim brothers in Pakistan.

  • ابے یار فیک ناموں کے ساتھ یہاں صرف بھارتی جراثیم ہی آتے ہیں؟ ان لوگوں کو کوئی اور کام نہیں ہے؟ ہر پاکستانی ڈیفنس نیوز پر اس طرح آتے ہیں جیسے کہ ان کی والدہ محترمہ کا ولیمہ یہیں ہو۔ روز روز اپنی ماتا جی کا ولیمہ کھانے کی عادت ہو گئی ہے

  • If it’s true, it’s a serious problem for anyone who wants to penetrate Pakistani airspace. But, like many other things being boasted of by the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and North Koreans, ot should be taken with an enormous grain of salt…

    • Sir, there are 100s of technologies built in west that are overvalued. look at the result of Afgahn war.

  • Well it should be able detect the cruise missiles that will destroy it at the first hint of any hostilities with Pakistan, whoever that would be by I don’t know. At least the early detection will enable the personnel manning to get away in plenty of time lol.


  • Funny Not even 2 weeks ago drove my F22 right past this landmark at night not even slightest indication was ever noticed.

  • Will this radar warn about increasing poverty and lack of modern thinking in Pakistan society ?

  • Soon Pakistan will manufacture latest radar system with the collaboration of best friend China.

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