IMC Toyota Launches Special Discount Offer for Corolla XLI

This year has been a disappoint for Toyota Pakistan as they have seen their sales drop significantly as compared to the same period last year due to prevailing economic conditions and repeated increase in the prices of their cars.

Recently, they teamed up with various organizations to boost their sales and for this month, they are offering the Corolla Xli variant at a discounted price to honor its successful 3 decades in Pakistan.


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The offer is limited to just 300 units of the model and all you need to do to avail this offer is visit your nearest Toyota dealership. You can see the current prices as well as the discounted price of the model below:

Variant Current Prices (PKR) Discounted Prices (PKR)
Corolla Xli MT 2,499,000 2,374,000
Corolla Xli AT 2,599,000 2,474,000


If you take up Toyota on this offer, you will be able to avail a significant discount of PKR 125,000 on both the MT and AT variants of the Corolla Xli. It is pertinent to point out that the company is looking to replace the 1.3Xli/Gli model with the Yaris Sedan (also known as Vios in some markets).

Let us know, what you think in the comments below.

  • They should give these cars on interest free installments for 4-5 years on all variants.There sales Will pick up. Then give discount on cash purchase.

  • IMC cannot pickup sales unless they decrease the prices to a reasonable level. Buyers could not cross psychological of such a high price. Raise in the car prices were not justified

  • How about decreasing the prices of other variants too ? Bcz dollar is now at 155 instead of 165. Strange that these three companies (toyota honda suzuki) have not decreased the prices with the same pace they had increased. May be it was not depreciating rupee but their hunger that can never be fulfilled.

  • “f you take up Toyota on this offer, you will be able to avail a significant discount of PKR 125,000 on both the MT and AT variants of the Corolla Xli”

    According to provided prices in the article the difference is of Pkr 24000 not 125,000

  • Please do not buy 1.3L GLI sedan. Toyota is going to launch Yaris/VIOS sedan in Feb 2020. It will have airbags and other electronics. If you buy this junk now, you won’t be able to get VIOS. VIOS will have a better build quality than this junk and it will be equipped with a sunroof.

  • Xli for 24 lacs it’s way too much and without air bags. Toyota should be ashamed of what they are doing. Xli price should be around 1.5 million not a single penny above that

  • cars prices vs India are too much higher there is no price control in pakistan . need to control prices and quality of vehicles by government of pakistan.

  • There is no end to greed. They could offer the same price earlier. Their sales dropped and they offered a diacount. Its like
    Lay lay lay lay ALLAH Ka wasta hai hamari garri lay lo.

    • Very true the honorable Ms.Gretta Thunberg, Sweden will give a true reply to IMC, PAMA how dare they build these cars?

  • Prices of toyota cars are too much high but in india prices of toyota are too low their is need to drop the prices of toyota cars in Pakistan

  • Looks like Toyota Indus is trying to become Daraz of Pakistan, Increase price then put a sale tag to attract customer. Who can pay such a huge amount for crap they are offering.

  • Suggest please verify with the IMC if this model car offered for sale to IMC in Pakistan as the car is not compliant for sale on earth of the Global Warming chapter.
    Honorable Greta Thunberg may ask to clarify the IMC and the PAMA insituion how dare the car is brought to Pakistan.

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