Former Australian Cricketer Hits Out at Criticism Against Imam-ul-Haq

Following criticism on social media platforms, former Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie has defended Imam-ul-Haq for his candid conversation with Australian cricket team coach Justin Langer.

The left-handed batsman, who scored 2 runs in the entire Test match at the Adelaide, was caught laughing and having a friendly conversation with former Australian opener.

Social media reacted angrily to Imam’s behavior but Gillespie did not agree with the logic of bashing Imam.

Gillespie, following the match, took it to Twitter and supported Imam for consulting Justin Langer. He said:

Incorrect- game was over. Players on a losing side are disappointed no doubt. I thought it was fantastic that young Imam Ul-Haq was spending time with Justin Langer talking about the game. I’m sure the conversation was very worthwhile for both Imam and Justin.

The first one to criticize was Faisal Iqbal, who has always been on the lookout to bash the players and claimed that no player should be happy after such a disappointing performance let alone laugh with the opposition.

A barrage of insult towards Imam-ul-Haq followed where people claimed that he should focus on his performance rather than indulge in controversies such as these.

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  • S. Smith is a world’s top batsman. When he got himself out by playing irresponsible shot against Yasir, he punished himself and publicised his act of self punishment. And this shameless youngster has no feelings that the entire nation was hurt on poor performance. The realty is that he entered in team from back door because of his uncle

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