Videos and Images of Lawyers’ Protest in Lahore Surface on Social Media

The lawyer protests have turned violent at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology in Lahore, resulting in the death of 4 patients and 25 doctors getting injured earlier today.

The patients died because they were left unattended as protestors barged into the emergency ward and started smashing windows, machinery, and other items, forcing the staff and doctors to run for safety.


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According to the reports, the lawyers were protesting in the aftermath of a viral video in which a doctor was seen talking about how a group of lawyers had gone to the Inspector General to get two doctors charged under Section 7 of ATA. Despite the refusal, the lawyers urged the IG to press charges to save face, according to a report by Dawn.

The protestors locked down the entry and exit points of the hospital earlier on Wednesday, and damaged the cars parked inside the hospital, broke windows, burned a Police vehicle and damaged equipment to protest against the video. Not just this, media personnel on-site as well as Punjab Information Minister, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan were manhandled during the saga.


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The law-enforcement agencies are busy clearing the area and a number of lawyers have also been arrested. Grand Health Alliance has announced a strike across Punjab and the doctors have called on the government to take action against vandalism by lawyers.

The lawyers have also announced a strike at the Lahore High Court on Thursday and no one will be available for regular proceedings.

Social media is fuming over the shameless behavior of lawyers. Here are some of the pictures and videos of the unfortunate incident:

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    • Yes, PTI Govt is with them, even Imran Khan was leading them, Imran Khan himself broke windows of hospital, and broke police vehicles.
      What a genius you are.

      • The senior member of PTI and nephew of Imran Khan ( who is also very active in PTI) were heading this brigade. So dont try to act smart and accept that they had the government support. Let us see when Hassan Niazi( The leader of protestors, member of PTI and nephew of Imran Khan ) will be arrested.

  • The question is who are these mob fellows that are attacking media houses and other fraternities. It kind of looks like someone wants to start riots and discredit Pakistan as “a good place for tourism”. Definitely an isolation tactic played by our enemies.

    • Could be very much true? But the question is why were these goons were not dealt with heavy-handedly? Why this was let to happen? And who should be held accountable? Only those who were the goons or the pathetic incapable government who could not control a few hundred or maybe thousand? These lawyer cum bas-tards should have been shot right away.

      Koi ye baat @farrukh khusray jaise PTI k youthion/ch otiyoon ko bhi samjhaye.

    • Bhai kuch Khuda ka khauf karo. Isko to yahoodi saazish na banao….
      Its a simple and straight forward case of Lawyer’s badmaashi, nothing new. Masla sara in logo ki tarbiyat ka hai, gharo mai aur schools mai yehi badmashia seekhte ae hain.
      Hamari apni ghalti hai k educational institutes ko behtar nai kr rahe, aur aise jaahilo k maa baap ki bhi.

    • Yes and also who first attacked the supreme court, dismissed a general mid-air and then refused an aircraft with 200+ civilians from landing. But no dont say anything against the people who plundered this nation for 30++ years.

  • If a guy in any law abiding country, showing/pointing GUN in public. Had been shoot 40 times at seen, Here in USA too.

    Strict action should be taken against these so called lawyers. Today they showed there true colors.

    • Video evidence is available, Police needs to start Raid on all of these culprits.

      Problem is our Police is also afraid of these Goon Lawyer profession.
      Because our SYSTEM has so many loopholes. Every goon knows that they will be out with so called heraphairi.
      Gov should start considering to change this system where every one respects LAW. “Pakistani awam danday sai sahi rehti hai” as everyone knows.
      This is high time to take these bastards in JAIL, Should take strict actions against whom who take LAW in there hands.

      • Read it all, BTW I am not Defending Lawyers nor Doctors.
        In my eyes both are wrong.

        Lawyers should have shown restrain by continuing their protests peacefully and should not have resort to violence in any ways.

        However, major facts which became the root causes of today’s unfortunate incidents are need to be considered :

        1. Dispute between doctors and lawyers started when Young doctors had brutally beaten up the two to three young lawyers in the premises of Punjab Institute of Cardiology and made them hostage for many hours there;

        2. Not only Young doctors had beaten lawyers brutally, but also made video of the beating and made that video viral in order to humiliate and mock the lawyers fraternity ;

        3. Aggrieved by reprehensible incident by the doctors, lawyers tried to register an FIR against those culprits and sought strict actions against those doctors but of no avail;

        4. After failing of taking no action by the police, lawyers met IG police requested him to lodge an FIR and arrest the culprits, but he refused to take any actions against doctors;

        5. After getting no response from IG police, finally, Lawyers went to Civil Secretariat and requested to chief secretary to take stern actions against those doctors, but he too didn’t pay any heed to lawyers demands;

        6. Exhausting of all legal options and legal platforms, getting of no response from the government to take action against those doctors, and humiliation & mockery of aggrieved lawyers by the young doctors are some of the many facts that added more frustration in the minds of lawyers who were aggrieved and were brutally beaten up in PIC and these frustration compelled Lawyers to resort to violence.

        Question arises here that why government didn’t take action against young doctors and allowed the situation to arrive to such an extent. Isn’t government itself responsible in the first place for today’s incident ?

        Are young doctors themselves not responsible for this deplorable and unfortunate situation who in first place had beaten the lawyers brutally and then made mockery of them by making video of beating viral on social media ?

        Moreover, lawyers should have shown some restrain by continuing their protests peacefully and should not have resort to violence in any ways.

  • Hang these bastard. Remember if you don’t hang them then You will power of us, the public, We will harm you as much as possible.

  • Nothing will happen. The leader of the mob was Hassan Niazi ( A senior member of PTI and nephew of Imran Khan). Hassan Niazi is the new thug of Lahore under the PTI government. Also other lawyers are active members of PTI. He is even seen in the videos but where is the rule of law?. Niazi is even seen giving sticks to the lawyers to break the windows.

    Where is the so called neutral PTI now?. Why they are not raising this point that why senior lawyers that support PTI were heading these protests?. Imagine if any member of PMLN would be doing that.
    Where is the social media team?. Will Imran Khan will order the arrest of his nephew now?.

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